Sunday , April 18 2021

Banned Hales in "Drugs"

According to the BBC, 30-year-old Helsch accepted the restriction given on the ground before the incident. He will join England to prepare for the World Cup next Saturday. However, ESPNcricinfo said Hales was recently caught in a drug test. Team publishing was unknown to England selectors

The Guardian said that, in the second test, obtaining evidence for the drug was found to be heels in three weeks. Immediately after the announcement of the World Cup team, he stepped down from the Royal London in Nottinghamshire to show personal reasons.

After Tom Maynard's death in 2013, the ECB set the start and end of the drug testing season. Hels is diagnosed with routine examination as part of her.

If the first test is found, the player is advised and helped to overcome the problem. It is reported only to the cricket director in the county. If it is caught in the second stage, it is forbidden for three weeks. With this, five percent of the annual salary is fined. In this case, the PCB chief executive was also informed in the case of the chief executive of the ECB and professional players.

If the third test is proven "positive," then Helsk will receive a severe penalty. This incident was another black spot in his career. He was fined 17,000 and five hundred pounds with Bristol punishment for sanctions.

No group will be able to change the team at the World Cup until May 23 without an approval by the ICC.

The summer season in England begins on May 3 against Ireland Pakistan will play one Twenty-five ODI against Pakistan at the 2019 World Cup.

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