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Bangladesh's Last Despair Despite Naim's Courage –

India won the third and final T20 3 races at the Vidarba Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur on Sunday. Bangladesh lost four balls with 5 saves. In the first game, Rohit Sharma's team beat the series 2-1.

Naim kept the team in the fight. After the slow start, the bats climbed. Mohammed Mitoun with the big pair left the host worried. Visitors were honored to pause when Naim returned to play extraordinary relationships.

Photo: BFI

Photo: BFI

Tea, who did a great bowling, took 5 wickets in just 5 races. This is the best bowling in T20 history. Hafil Islam, Mustafizur Rahman and Aminul Islam returned the hat trick on the road to give the team a big win.

The start of the match was certainly excellent. Shafi'ul Islam worshiped Rohit Sharma on Tuesday and worshiped the first. The right also stopped Zihar Davan before the storm.

Freyas Eyer could return to the ball with Jafil. Without his easy catch at Aminul Islam he would not have been able to bowling well. Another catch fell in the end.

Lokesh Rahul plays with confidence from the start. After losing his life, Ayyar continued to slip cautiously. India goes ahead with two young bats. Rahul quickly scored a goal on all strokes. Fifty took the blow around the braid.

Then he couldn't go too far, catching the foot of Al Amin Hussein. 5 balls and four fours. Ayar made a pair of 5 runs.

After Rahul's departure, Ayyar started playing the blow. Afif Hossein hit three sixes in one over. Storm chose 28 of the first fifty of his career.

Pressure leak failed again. The Benign government's salute was bowed to the attack. Eyer returned to that. His 12-ball innings made five sixes and three fours.

Manish Pandey dropped for the first time in a series of 22 undefeated 5 runs.

Photo: BFI

Photo: BFI

Sum took 2 wickets for 25 in great bowling. Chafiul received two runs for 42 races. Al Amin posted 4 wickets for 22 bowling races. In the previous two matches, the nervous Mustafizur Rahman failed again; He was unbeaten on 42 of 5 browsers.

Bangladesh was hit hard at the start of the great track. Both have the opportunity to bring back the storms; Lytton Das was caught on the border by Depak Jahar, and the next gentleman gave a simple catch in midfield. Bangladesh lost 2 yards on 12 runs.

After a slow start, Bangladesh came out with Naim's bat. The left-hander, who scored four runs in the first six, got three boundaries from Juventus Scheel in sixth position. Later I live hit two boundaries. Bangladesh is moving fast. After a cautious start, Mithun also called Yael a frontier.

Washington bowed well in the first spell. In the second spell he returned to Frushche; In the third over, hit six six, in the next over Matejun.

Naim collected his first ball of that career. Bangladesh sits in the driver's seat of the competition convincing two bats. In the last eight surges, tourists needed three races, two bats in the creek. There were 5 wickets in hand.

Mitoun was captured at Long Off in an attempt to drive Jahar away. The midfield bat scored 20 of 26 balls. This is the beginning of the disaster in Bangladesh.

In the sequel, for the first time, Mushfikur Rahim was worshiped by Jivu Dube. The midfielder with his right hand hit an even bigger back in his next match, with Afif Hussein catching the ball after being bowled over by Naim.

Mahmudulah bowed to Husbandra Heel at the expense of the first three diverts. Bangladesh's hope of victory is over.

After Naim-Mitun, no other bat in Bangladesh could double in numbers. The last 4 wickets have lost only 5 races.

After that, Jahar did not allow the bats to stand lower. Upon returning to Chafuul, Mustafiz and Aminul were dismissed for the first two of their last match during the match. Bangladesh disappears.

Mateen Jahar was the first Indian to win the hat trick in the T20. India is hovering over the joy of winning the series. History of the tea maker plate for tea. Duby took 4 wickets in 5 races.

Short result*

India: 1/4 in 20 overs (Rohit 2, Davan 3, Rahul 12, Freyas 12, Pant 9, Manish 22 *, Dubai 3 *; Al Amin 1-1-2 22-3, Shafil 1-3-12-2 , Mustafiz Aminul 1-5-2-2, Aminul 6-3-2-2, Aafif 1-3-2-2.

Bangladesh: 5 in 6 surges (Lytton 3, Naim 3, Somia 6, Mithun 23, Mushfik 3, Mahmudullah 3, Afif 3, Aminul 3, Shafioul 3, Mustafiz 3, Al Amin 3 * ;, Beautiful 1-5-6-6 , Tea 1,2-3-6-5, Yehel 3-5-6-5, Dubai 3-5-6-6).

The result: India wins 5 races

Best match and series: Still tea

Series: India win 2-1

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