Thursday , April 22 2021

Bangladesh plays incredible, will not be surprised if it enters the semifinals: Koli

There was no money to fight in the square. The Batsmen could not get a good collection. In addition, the wicket was helpful. Mahfikur Rahim, who made a big mistake in the second round, Overall, Bangladesh will lose a big difference against New Zealand.

Tigers lose But there is not much difference. They also fought the small capital. 8 wickets in one down loss of a sign. Naturally spread tension, excitement Finally, 17 balls left the victory in breathing the two caps that raised the black caps

They beat the match. But Mashrafe Bahini won the hearts of the cricketers. They lose the game with a nail grip, but spread around the world for the mentality of the battlefield. Although red-green jerseys were thrown in the back, they receive praise from Roto and Maharishi in the cricket world.

The holder's support is there. Supporters from foreigners outside and outside the field give much support.

Everyone is calling Bangladesh in social media. Their message is clear, the Mashrafe team is no longer an easy opponent. Many have already identified them as dark horses.

India's current captain, Virat Coli, praised the fierce performances of Bangladesh. In Twitter, he said Mashrafe-Sakibara is playing an incredible cricket. If they go to the semifinals (if the game gets a license or tickets in the last four), I will not be surprised at all.

At the end of the meeting, Mashrafe said, we are not disappointed. There are still seven matches. I hope, soon I can start to swing.

The next Bangladesh match against England Tigers will face England at the Cardiff halls in Sofia on Saturday. They can now return to Frontfoot if they lose their hosts – so watch.

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