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Azis's secret weapon to deal with Shakib!

Australian Ball at Trent Bridge Is Considered Ashton Agar Factory's official cricket board website reported that on June 20th, Mishbach of Bangladesh left the left-wing factory to face Shakib Al Hasan.

Shakib is in excellent shape at the World Cup. World No. One is at the top of the 384 racing list in four games in the current edition. Five wickets in four games. Tigers want to illuminate the dream of the semifinals by killing Shakib's opponents.



What a terrible blow for Shakib, who was at the top of the form, Australia has already learned. The leftist factory took 10 watt in the historic test match against Mirpur in Mirpur two years ago.



As a wad, Australia is also concerned about the bowling of the Shakib wrestling. So Ashton Agarak is called for the preparation of the team. The factory is currently busy in England for a district team nomination.

Not only Hagaray. Nathan Lin and Adam Jampar are considered busy with their martial attacks. Considering the spin strength of Bangladesh, the batches have long been busy cope with the spin.

Australia's secret preparation is nothing new. Before dealing with India's Kuldep Yadav and Yuybandir Chahal, then the Okhu Sahu and Keke Zeus were transferred to India by Aziz. The two have recently returned to the country.

"The faith is that their coach, Justin Langer, said that Shakib is one of the best revolutions and the world's best chess players right now," said Smith. Our main advantage of professionalism Ashton gave us the idea of ​​how to play with spins. "

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