Friday , April 16 2021

Avengers is trying to be released today

Showbiz table: Avengers, one of the most interesting names for filmmakers around the world. After the last film "Endless War", the curiosity of the audience is now a new picture at the end. Fans await this new photo. Waiting will end soon. Today Released Avengers's Endgame The film was released on the day of the international edition of the Star Cineplex of the city. The film will open a mystery that is not resolved in the picture. Those who saw the previous picture, their interest in this picture is a bit more. Who will kill Thanos? The question will be answered in the picture.
Many people are waiting to see Ironman's charisma. Reduce responsibility for stopping the shoulder It is said that this will be the last picture of this series. For this reason, Thanos completed the Avengers with a different Stone of Infinity. Anthony Rousseau and Joe Russo will also be directed by the film. But at the end of the previous film, many super heroes have seen flying ashes. Then there will be some super heroes? The answer is already posted on the poster. Ironman will also be in the movie as usual. Among Avengers, his image was the biggest in the poster. His role is very much in the film. There are also Thor and Hulk.
The recently released Captain Marvel has been added to the new episode. Captain Marvel will watch with Avengers for the first time. Among the super heroes of the super popular Red Panther of Marvel So this time on the picture there is no Black Panther. Captain America is there Also there is more BlackOudo, War Machine and Antan. The viewer has great interest in the image. The end of Avengers has overcome Infinity War in ticket sales. It is assumed that the previous record will be interrupted by the image. The movie can earn only $ 300 million in the first week.

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