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Australia's move to deal with Shakib

Australia's move to deal with Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan breathed his breath into the tournament. Waving the World Cup is even brighter, but the ball is not too short. The reason for the opponent is its intelligent shutdown. To add Shakib's exercise, Australia added Australia as their boiler to Ashton Agar

Australia's move to deal with Shakib

At the 12th World Cup in the Twenty-first World Cup, Shakib scored 384 races in an average of 128 races. 5 wickets in hand Bangladesh won two games in which he became a sword-sarra. So, Australia has to plan a series of plans to deal with Shakib.

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The next match from Bangladesh will be against Australia on June 20. Bangladesh reached Nottingham on Tuesday (June 18th) before this match. On the other hand, Ashton Agar joined as a net cauldron of Australian practice on Tuesday.

Jewish left-wing Ashton resided in England on a tour of Australia. Australia called for training in the first game against Bangladesh, The main reason for this, Bangladesh all champion Shakib. The step of Ozid is primarily for practicing world-wide blades.

Prior to that, Smith-Warner, who had Shakib-red red at Bangladesh soil testing competitions, was redirected. Remembering the memories, maybe Shakira is related to the practice of controlling Aziz.

Omar coach Darren Lehman praised Shakib while he praised him and said: "Now Shakib is with the best driver in the world, one of the best reversals for his left hand, at that time, Ashton was very good at getting one year ago in the national team, I hope he will also give our batsmen the ability to deal with a spin.

Australia's assistant, Ricky Ponting, is also cautious about Shakib. Of course, Australia saw Shakib as a major obstacle in the match against Bangladesh.

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