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And maybe Gomez won't be back on the field

The dream is to run away with football on both sides. Who knew black night would come into Andre Gomez's life. That night the dream came true. The footsteps with Portuguese midfielder Andre G. Metz spreading his name in football, whether he is carrying the trunk, did not cast doubt.

& # 39; Terrible & # 39; injury is now before destruction. Gomez's leg is broken. The 28-year-old star may need to keep going, even if she's healthy.

Everton host Tottenham at home to Goodison Park in the English Premier League on Sunday (November 7th). The Spurs took the lead with Dele Ali's goal in the 8th minute. Everton repeatedly attacked to restore equality. Gomez was also hit with Serge Aurier as he went on the attack. Gomez's leg then goes to the feet of San Hyung Min.

Gonez could not stand, though the Sons could become painful. After a while the legs of the Portuguese midfielder were broken. Watching such a scene, the playmates cried and the sun Min. Gomez continued to scream with pain in his legs upside down. He was later taken to a stretcher hospital.

Judge Martin Atkinson, however, pulled out Korean striker Son after showing a red card in 5 minutes. Everton came back in the seventh minute to add a side to Tottenham.

Gomez was in Barcelona 20-21 seasons. Twenty-five of them joined Everton on the edge. He signed a permanent contract with Goodison Park this season. Gomez also played 20 matches in the Portuguese shirt. He was one of the potential stars of the Portuguese.

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