Sunday , January 17 2021

Allegro Ruhul – Diary Amader Shomoy

About 25 people were implicated in the murder of Madras Nasrat Yahan Rafi. This information was found in the statements of the accused defendant in court and the relevant police and lawyers. And five people directly involved in burning kerosene in the fire in the body of Nusrat. All of them are already caught.

The Police Investigation Bureau (PBI) confirmed that these five direct participants participated in the murder of Nusrat. They are Shahadat Hossein Shamim, Jovyer Ahmed, Xhabed Hossein, Umme Sultana Pop and Karun Nahar Mony. Meanwhile, PBI also joined the assassination of President Nusrat and Awami, Ruhul Amin of Sonagishi appeared.

According to sources, the wife of the prisoner S. M. Siride Uddul, who was arrested in the case filed by Nusrat's mother, indicted in Sanagi Islamiya Fazil Madrasa, recently gave him a huge sum of money to the leader of the Awami leader Ruhul Amin. Ruhul Amin himself supplied these people with various people who participated in the murder, including the police. This information is known in the relevant sources of investigation. However, the originally received information is finalized to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, following the name of Awami leader Ruhul Amin in the killing of Nusrat in various media, his name was discussed on Fani's day yesterday. Yesterday he was seen in front of the Deputy Commissar's office. Ruhul Amin left for an hour and stayed there. It is not known who talked to them there. But he was very sad when he was leaving. The governing body of the governor of Madras, Ruhal Amin, was the manager of the director. The leader of the ruling party is close to the director, who has long been able to get away from these crimes, director Srajid Uddulla.

These allegations state that former Education Institute in Madras and Sonaagi Municipal Adviser, Sheikh Mamun, Investigation Agency, PBI, arrested two students named Kamrun Nahar Moni and Janatul Afro for suspecting involvement in the murder of Nusrat. Madras Teacher Maulana Mohammad said there was no arrest from the Janatul Afro Test Center on Tuesday. Hossain.

Earlier on Monday evening Kamron Nahar Mony was arrested. Police arrested 16 people in the night, in a case involving the murder of Nusrat in the country. They are – Chief Syrajudadoula, Adviser and Municipal Secretary General of Awami, Secretary General Maxwell Alam, Professor Abeshev Uddin, Classmates Arifullah Islam, Noor Hossein, Kafieh Uhah Yoni, Mohamed Ala Uddin, Shahidul Islam, daughter of the mother-in-law Umm Sultan Afi, Xhabed Hossein , Joaber Hossen, Nur Uddin, Shahadat Hossen, MSc. Shamim, Kamron Nahar Moni and Janatul Afros

Of these, seven of the eight defendants were arrested, and seven were arrested. Police have yet to arrest another indicted person on behalf of Hafez Abdul Kader. The police investigator for the investigation of the case said that police actions were ongoing to arrest him. Shah Alam

The statements of two indicted Nur Uddin and Shahadat Hosen, who were involved in the killing, found that the plan to kill Nusrat was completed on 4 April. Kerosene was purchased on April 5th. On April 6, he was burned. When we came to the test, the technique was called up on the roofs of the third floor of the Madrasa. Then someone laid his legs, someone poured kerosene from his legs in his chest. Another match was lit by a flaming stick. They were five and the implementation of the plan lasted only five minutes. Everything is done by the Merras Director of Sirajuddhaul.

In the statement, said Shamim, when the poppy went to Nusrat, we went to him four fast. After that, Nusrat was captured by gem and poppy. Then I struck the face of Nusrat. Joabir Nusrat ran and tied his hands and feet. We laid Nusrat on the roof. I kept Nusrat's face in my head. The beach is holding the chest. Athir holds his legs. And Jabed pelabegera poured out of the feet of Crosian Nusrat to the chest. Joabir fires on the neck of the Nursat match.

It takes about five minutes. If a fire with a stick for a sword, they quickly spread. After that, I, Dave and Yogar, took off the burka. I went to the side of the pigment. Ived entered the hostel of Medras. Trees and poppy Shapi Champa go into the test. The main Syray robbed Mother's mother of Nusrat, Sirajuddhaul, beat him with reeds, Shirin Actor, mother of Nusrat

Speaking to reporters at his home in the village of North Chor Chandiya under the snapshot upazila, Shirin Achter said: "I said good and bad and said I gave him four houses at the dinner table." She also had a rate on March 27. I went to Madras with Rafi Going there, the director left his legs and sat on the sofa. After hearing the girl's girlfriend, she threatened me politically and policeally and made obscene remarks, and then I could not stand by. Do not be afraid to whip the Director 4 times with a cane placed on his mass in front of him.

Human Rights and Human Rights organizations have organized a chain of people in Feni and Sonaagi, seeking justice for those involved in the killings of humanists and protesters Nusrat. Traders participated in the human chain organized on the street "Magistralni put" Shahid Minar on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, the government college "Zia Women" made the human chain. She also took part in the human chain, controversial director Tahmin Begum. He did not give a controversial comment on Nusrat and did not give students to the human chain.

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