Sunday , October 20 2019
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All in 6 things! –

Mali won the final and chose to climb to the top of the T-Twenty-Four Nations in Rwanda on Tuesday. The lowest lowest in this issue was China in the 14th against the United Arab Emirates in January.

No team is in less than Mali. The shameful record was formerly occupied by Mexico. Last year, they were all out for 9 over 5 over against Brazil.

Malinga Maria Com's opening opener ran in 1 running. No one else could open the account. The remaining 5 things were extra.

Eugene took 3 of these without a trace. Rwanda took four watts at the border. Only 10 balls to win, there were 116 balls.

This was the first time a team won the first. In this edition, Namibia had a record for winning most balls ahead of the rest. Against Mozambique, they had 107 balls to win last year.

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