Tuesday , May 18 2021

Again President of Gulzar, Secretary General of Cocon

Choice of the Association of Directors

Badshiul Alam Khokon was elected President of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association twice in the biennial elections. Munatzur Rahman Akbar was elected deputy chairman, and Shahin Suman was elected deputy secretary.

183 votes were voted by Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, Badiul Alam Hokon received 157 votes. Badal Khandaker received 109 votes on the table. Bazlur Rashed Chaudhury received 68 votes for the post of Secretary General. In addition, Secretary General of the post, Saifuddin Safi received 67 votes as an independent candidate.

Treasurer was elected. Salahuddin, Secretary of the Kabirul Islam Rana Organization, Secretary for International and Information Technology Mustafizur Rahman Manik, Culture Secretary Shahin Kabir Tutul and Annivar Sirai are elected secretaries.

Apart from the members of the Executive Committee, Abul Cair Bubul, director Abul Hair Bubul, Abdus Samad Khokhan, Ahmed Ilias Buyan, MA, were selected. Aval, Kamal Sarkar, Chattaku Ahmed, Noor Mohamad Moni, Mostafizur Rahman Babu, Shedur Rahman Saeed and Sokhanur Rahman Sohan.

Regarding the elections, Badiul Alam Khokhan said: "Since then I have said that all of us who have chosen all are directors. We work together on shoulders with each other. With the help of everyone, I will play a role in the development of the local film.

In these elections, 362 voters voted, of which 319 were elected yesterday. Canceled 19 votes. The Gulzar-Hoccan panel was elected in the elections in the period 017-18-18.

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