Friday , June 18 2021

Abram (video), fascinated by this unknown female song

The era of social media. It is difficult to say when it's time to become a celebrity. Now a new addition to the list is a medieval song from Andhra Pradesh. On Wednesday, AR Rahman published a song on Facebook. The film is already viral.

A woman singing a song was seen on the video. The legendary composer was impressed by the 1994 film Premikudu and Chelya in his voice. His song is made of this song.

This musician shared Oscars on his Facebook page. The film has over 100 million likes. With about two and a half thousand comments. The shares have over 22,000 shares. All in all, a strange, unidentified female song spread around the country.

AR Rahman shares a woman's song, but she does not know her identity. But after the song spread on the Internet, some claimed that the woman's name in the village of Vadodelir in Andhra Pradesh is Child.

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