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A new twist on Aid's drama


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Television channels end seven-day Aid. At the event, the audience's eyes were on TV drama and television. Meanwhile, Eid's drama began with drama and television. What is the look of the producer's drama-television? Whose drama was more than the viewer's eye? Who's ahead of Aid's drama? Everyone calculates such things. However, this year's Eid drama has been a few exceptions in recent years. Aid's play took a new turn in the opinion of the theater's creators. Around six hundred of these Eida plays have been produced. Many of these plays were about great and serious stories. Some of the drama stories were contemporary. Aid's dramas include creator Sagar Jahan's "Maya is Not Like Everyone", Anime Eyer's "Hera", Maruf Mitjur's "The Rest of the Core", Mabur Rashid Bana's "Lady Killer-2" and Shelter ”, fifth in praise of Mahidl Mahim. Several plays, including "O", Golpi Kameez, Ashfuf Nipun's "In This City" and Mizanur Rahman Aryan's "I Will Come Again", reacted well. In addition, many of the performances of the producers, including Jihab Shahin, Summan Anwar, Tapu Khan, Unique Emman, were not common. The producer of Eid's play, Sagar Shahan, said that during Eid, every producer tries to build something good. This time the effort was great, I think. I've seen a few more plays outside of my show. Everyone worked out of the traditional story. This is what Eid is playing this time around, because the creators want to give some new viewers a go beyond comedy. As a creator, I would like this genre to continue. With a little effort from our producers, we believe we can turn viewers into drama. Producer Animeh Aich said Eida's drama has changed dramatically in recent years. Not many other creators have seen plays. However, what I saw was diversity. In this way, I think the audience will be less negative about our drama. Viewers always want to see something good. But how much better can we give that audience? If Aid's drama plays like this at other times of the year, then this kind of drama will be made on television. Creator Maburur Rashid Banach said: "At Aid, I saw several new plays from this time. Now we hear from our audience that there is more drama and comedy in the drama. Viewers do not see the story. But Eid's drama seems to have the audience going to have to reject previous accusations. I won't say, all the plays were good this time. But I can say, the number is better than ever. Producer Mahidul Mohim said: "Our viewers rarely see the drama of the story and Sirius. In these plays the view is reduced. But at the end of the day, good drama may not be an option. I think the creators tried to force Eid to make such a good game. In one Ada, we have several hundred plays. Finding a good drama in such a drama is difficult. But this year, the number of performances outside the traditional genre is growing. Tariq Akhan, head of Bangla Vision's Eid drama program, said: "I always say there has to be more work. Then good work will come out of more work. This year, the number of good performances was high. I think a story can have a comedy. But what is the audience meant for that comedy? Many social messages can also be conveyed in laughter stories. If producers focus a little more on drama at other times of the year, like Aid, then our number of good shows will increase. Ekushey TV chief Zahid Hossein Jovan said: "I've seen some shows from other channels outside our channel. For me this time the plays are based on stories. This year's drama is a little different from other times. We love telling stories all the time. But many times it does not happen for many reasons. I think if creators like Aid's drama are more focused on drama at other times of the year, then the number of good plays will increase. We have always promoted good drama in our channel.

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