Tuesday , October 26 2021

A Chinese worker dies in Coal Barapukuria Countrywide


Chinese workers die in Barapukuria's carbon pressures

A Chinese worker named Sun Jing Sheeng (48) was killed in the coal under stone coal and under the stone on Thursday morning at Barapukuria Coalmine near Phulbari in Dinajpur. At that time, a Bangladeshi employee named Rezaul Islam (45) was wounded.

Rezaul Islam is the son of Mansura Rahman from the village of Kalupara neighboring mine. He said that they were working on shifts at 23 on Wednesday and 1304 the cores worked on raising mixed coal and stonework from the ground floor of Faisas. At 3:30 in the morning, due to the sudden hailar (bam), the water mixed with halar did not fall into the stone strip. Chinese worker Sun Jing Sheeng (48), using a pipe, suddenly opened Hollar's face to cleanse Hollar's face, while suddenly opening Hollar's face. Chinese workers and Rezaul Islam, confused with water mixed with rascal, fall on the body of Islam. They both fell. Chinese workers died on the spot. However, Rezaul Islam tried to save his life trying to survive.

Police Department Supervisor Barapukuria Sirajul Haque, a Chinese employee, confirmed the fact that the body of a Chinese employee, Sunsheng (48), who died, was detained at Rangpur Medical College and Hospital mortuary.

Public Relations Representative Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Badrul Alam confirmed the news. However, the managing director of Coal Mining Company Limited (MD) said. An attempt to contact Fazlur Rahman was unsuccessful.

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