Sunday , April 11 2021

8 people, including Kabri Sabbir Hridi getting … – 763054 Caller Kanto

On April 24, the Ministry of Information published a list of received grants in the financial year 2018-19. Three grants will be given to Thus 3 crore 9 lakhs in three branches. From these two documentary films and six feature films. There is a children's movie in full length. The two documentary films are "Melhar" by Humayor Bilkis "Bilkis and Bilkis" and Purabi Matin "Megagar". Two images will receive grants of 30 lakh taka.

With the refinement of the manuscript, the film will receive 50 million – the funeral procession of Hosni Mubarak Rumi, "1971 those days" by Hride Hake and Sarah Begum Kabir "You Are You". The remaining three photos will receive Tk 60 lakhs – a statement by Akram Khan's widow, according to the names of the children "Nusu Dakat Kupokat" by Abu Raihan Yauu, Mira Sabir "Rita Dzha Fol" and the name change. The rest of the others, without dove and Akram Khan, receive the first grants. Peace Sabir, Hriday Hak, Abu Raihan Bill, and Hosni Mubarak Rumi are rookies with pictures of donations.

For the third time, the donation was delivered to the manuscript of "This is you". In order to submit his manuscript, after resigning from membership of the Membership Committee, there was no rule. However, you did not receive the service. Finally, he hoped for the tomb. Highly enthusiastic Peace Sabir, Hriday Hook, also received a grant.

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