Friday , April 16 2021

73 nurses at the hospital, Mashrafe got two people

Cricket Mashrafe is now a public representative. They must therefore work in public welfare even outside the playground. In that sequence, she resides in her constituency, Narail.

Prior to joining the national team, Mashrafe gave the greatest importance to the tour through the two-day election district. Mash traveled for two hours at the Narayil Modern Sadar hospital from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Thursday. Women and children talk to patients in the class and hear from them various types of problems. At that time, he became angry when he only saw the presence of a doctor at the hospital.

Only two nurses in the male section of the Sadar Hospital took care of their duty. We can find out that there are appropriate nurses in the hospital, although different departments are managed by 2-1 nurses. When the incident immediately withdrew, Mashrafe asked supervisors for care. Watch the lock in a nursing room, trying to communicate with the phone's obligations. At this time, the supervisor's phone was found, and the other phone was opened but did not receive the confirmation.

At the request of patients, the hospital's spa and its surroundings are seen on their own and take the large bowel of the cell. The break-up of some bathroom doors and defects makes it very embarrassing. He asked to call the Resident Doctor to know about it. Office assistant cum operator Beatty Khatun, while present at the office, answered Mashreff's many questions. Mashrafe may know, a hospital doctor is in crisis, but there is no crisis for the nurse. Currently, the hospital has 73 nurses.

Then Mashraf went to the doctor to see the doctor's position. Senior consultant Dr. Akram Hossein, who is in the presence of doctors, is looking for the holidays. After that, the doctor was absent for 3 days without leave!

At that time Tiger Captain first asked the doctor to take the patient to the patient and then asked the patient to come to the hospital and Mashrafe to come to the hospital on Sunday. At that time, Mashrafe told the doctor: "Now, what if the hospital needs an operation, then what will the patient do?" He then ordered the doctor to return to the area immediately after reminding him of his duty.

After hearing the news about the arrival of the hospital "Mashirafi", the medical doctor Dr Masiur Rahman Babu arrived in the hospital. Another doctor, Dr Alimujahan Most also came. During the absence of doctors, the permanent medical officer was absent from Dr. Akram Hossein for three days.

Calling the guard of Mashraff, Dr. Abdus Sukur, sitting in the caretaker's hospital room. At that time he attended a meeting in the Tower and headed for Magura at home. Mashraf asked to stay at the station and told him to come to the hospital at night. Career Dr Abdus Sakur came to the Sadar Hospital within an hour after receiving the news.

After that, MP Mashrafe visited the various places in the hospital. Then everyone looks at another form. If you can not see that lawmakers can have this form, they might not believe Narayil Bissau. While a smiling smile emerged among ordinary people, hospital administrators were busy retaining their guilt. Private Medical Director Dr after seeing the drain filled and dirty environment. Asked about the reasons for the loss of Mashur Rahman, he could have been relieved of any situation by imposing responsibility in the municipality of Narail.

At that time, two doctors and officers present at the meeting asked Mashrafe to take the initiative not to publish the news of the incident. In the infectious department of the hospital, the patients complained about the MP. When he heard that he had to buy salty from the outside, he ordered a salt solution to be sold in stores outside the hospital. After going to the hospital, he called the shop keeper after hearing about the medical crisis and went out to meet again at night.

The same thing was held on Thursday at 22:30 with the caretaker of the hospital, the civil surgeon, doctors, nurses and staff, MP Mashrafe. In addition, the deputy commissioner and police chief of the public affairs department were present at the hospital. In the afternoon, he had a meeting with everyone about the issue of irregularities and complaints received from various people.

In the meantime, in many hospital irregularities, the exterior ambulance, brokers and sales representatives were ordered to strictly stop. He asked the hospital to be open to human services.

The mismanagement of hospital Narail Sadar, resident medical officer Dr. Masir Rahman Babu said: "The main problem of the hospital is the medical crisis. If we give 100 percent service to each of us, then the situation will improve." He claimed that cleanliness is not possible due to lack of cleanliness and can not lead to conspiracy of the municipality.

Sadar Hospital Guard Dr. Abdus Shakur joined the hospital on April 24. He said: "I noticed that there was some kind of carelessness here from the doctors. The way the MP watched today, and what I said, I made my work much easier. No one else can compete against me.

During his visit, MP Mashrafe said: "Medicine is one of the most important things for the common man. I will do everything I can to ensure the quality of this service. It will not be tolerated for innocent people to suffer for some people."

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