Wednesday , April 21 2021

5 crochet foams donation money to give three and a half million for the shirt!

5 crochet foams donation money to give three and a half million for the shirt!

5 drums given to the gene

If you give him three and a half million rupees for his shirt, then the gene will give him half a thousand crores. "In this, Maulana Imran Ahmad paid 350,000 million to Jin.Later, according to the situation, Maulana Imran Ahmed received five huge locked drums and two large trunk for money. After breaking the drums and trunk of the trunk, you can see that instead of money there is paper , dirty laundry and empty bags.

Police arrested three defendants in connection with the fraud in Jagannathpur upazila Sunamganj. They were arrested on Friday.

The suspects are Jin's plaintiffs, plaintiff Hafiz Kamul Islam (26), his father Abdul Kadir (60) and his mother, Ranu Begum (50). Their house is in the village of Patt Battal Kendoua Tana of the Netrocona area.

They have long deceived people living in a rented house in the home of Rahmat Ali in the capital of the country, the village of Sidepur Ishankona from the Sidepur-Shaharparah union in Jagannathpatur.

It is learned that Jagannathpur Bazar's businesswoman, Jagannathpur Bazar, the son of late Master Abdul Kalic, a resident of the village of Makrampur, the Jagannathapati Patrimonial Alliance, lost and lost three and a half million rupees in the gates of the door.

Finally, on April 23, Maulana Imran Ahmad, a victim of cheating, filed a case with the Jaganatpatpu police station against the King of the alleged Jin, Hafiz Kamrull Islam and 5 of his family.

Police filed a lawsuit against sub-inspector Habibur Rahman and arrested the captors Hafiz Katrul Islam and his parents after attacking the village of Put Batal in Kendoua Tana of the Netrocona area.

At the same time, the suitor of the Maulana case Imran Ahmed was rescued from the house, the big five oil drums and two large logs were seized. There are many documents, dirty laundry and empty plastic bags. Moreover, the keys to the drum and trunk of these oils are rescued by the defendant. Arrests were sent to the Sanmagande court on Friday.

Jaganathapuram police station, Mohamad Harunur police station, Rashid Chowdhury, told "Jagrant" that the arrested people used large amounts of money through cheating. The burglary was sent to Sanmagandh prison on Friday.

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