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$ 1 million reward Game

The victory of the World Cup means a great achievement. In the past, winning the World Cup was the final word for winning the trophy. But now the money is added to this trophy. This year's World Cup team, such as the trophy, receives money worth $ 40m. The ICC said yesterday that the World Cup of the 10th team of the 10 World Teams won a total of $ 10 million.

The total money prize at the World Cup in 2015 was $ 8 million. A tournament of 14 teams was made in the tournament. Australia beat New Zealand in the ICC Final in 2015 said their total rewards will increase by 25 percent to $ 10 million. Accordingly, the amount of the prize money has been increased.

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The champions team will receive $ 40m, and the second-placed team will receive $ 2m. In addition, the two teams defeated in the semifinals will receive a prize of 8 million USD. To win every game in the league stage, the teams will receive a $ 40,000 reward. In addition, teams that can not reach the semifinals will each receive a reward of $ 1 million.

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