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X-Cup »News» Unlocked Gartler shoots SKN in second round

St. Poulten's Old Lady René Gartler shoots the Lower Austrians in the cup against SV Metsburg. The 33-year-old struck twice in a 2-1 win at home against a thin backdrop.

If the VIPs are clearly outnumbered, Berkner and the family sector remain closed, but a few bats roam the rooftop of the stadium, then the Cup is in St Polten. The start was late (8:45 pm, dictated by television, Note) and SKN's second-round opponent, SV Metsburg, is not necessarily an A-glory among home clubs.

1,123 spectators came to the only scheduled match on Tuesday in the Bundesliga from the 2nd round of the Cup. In the past few years, the Lower Austrians have certainly shown at this competition – the finals in 2014, the semifinals in 2016, the quarter-finals in 2017 and 2019.

The Bundesliga duel brought St Poltner to 1,657 spectators at the Poplar Stadium for himself. It was not a shocking blow at the time, for which Rene Gartler made the penalty.

The game of the pile was much faster. Thanks to the motivated "Wolf Brigade 04", the "ghost game" has suddenly disappeared. Especially after Admira's defeat at Ebreihsdorf made them laps.

In the first half almost all SKN fans went to work twice when Jiri Mukenhammer failed to qualify for the "wolf" in the 4th and 43rd minutes. At the cross from Daniel Lukbacher was Michael Lehrer with his hand and once met Lucas Rat Robert Jubicic in the ankle.

Double package in six minutes

In the second half, Gartler resolved the game with a bracket. Just as he closed the valuable counterattack with a right-footed shot in the long corner (56th), then he left Lupfte with the ball over Casali (61). In the Bundesliga, the Lower Austrians (with a goal difference of 6:22) succeeded only with a goal that did not result from any standard situation.

After that, Mittsburgh was rebuilt, but it was only thanks to the reluctant help of St. Paulen Luke Meislas 1: 2 (71). Marko Kavsina fired a corner from Andreas Gruber on the back of Meisla, from where the ball jumped into the goal.


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