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With these offers, Amazon starts the price war

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Note: We used commission links in this article and marked them with “*”. If ordered through these links, receives a commission.

Black Friday is traditionally one of the busiest online retailers, especially on Amazon. Here we have compiled the most important deals for our own Amazon products in advance.

Black Friday traditionally begins after the American Thanksgiving Festival – as a day of discount in traditional retail and for many years with extensive special offers in online retail. Amazon has been steadily expanding its days since the end of November: This year, pre-Black Friday offers started at the end of October – and the week before Black Friday begins on Friday, November 20th.

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Above all, Amazon’s own devices are important – from Alexa-supported speakers and smart speakers to tablets, TVs and e-book readers to smart home deals from Ring to Eero. Here you will find all the offers at a glance, where the regular price is mentioned as a comparison price, even if it is not always requested at the moment.

Black Friday: Amazon devices from Echo to Kindle on offer

Echo (4th Generation) * for 68.23 (instead of 97.47 euros – 29.24 euros savings)

Echo automatic * for 34.11 euros (instead of 58.48 euros – saved 24.37 euros)

Echo Point (4th Generation) * for 29.24 euros (instead of 58.48 euros, ie exactly half)

Echo point with clock (4th generation) * for 38.98 euros (instead of 68.22 euros – saved 29.24 euros)

Echo Point (3rd Generation) * for 19.49 euros (instead of 48.72 euros – so 29.23 euros cheaper)

Echo Flex * for 14.61 euros (50 percent saved)

Echo show 5 * for 43.86 euros (50 percent saved)

Echo show 8 * 63.35 euros (50 percent saved)

Echo show (2nd Generation) * for 175.45 euros (instead of 224.19 euros, 48.74 cheaper than usual)

Fire TV cube * 68.23 euros (otherwise 116.96 euros, ie 48.74 euros saved)

Fire TV Lite * for 19.48 euros (instead of 29.23 euros, savings of 9.74 euros)

Fire TV stick * for 24.36 euros (instead of 38.98 euros, saved 14.63 euros)

Fire TV stick 4K * for 29.24 (instead of 58.48 euros, saved 29.24 euros)

Fire 7 * for 39.13 euros (instead of 53.60 euros, 14.47 euros cheaper)

Fire 7 Kids Edition * for 53.60 euros (instead of 97.47 euros, so 43.87 euros cheaper)

Fire HD 8 Plus * for 53.60 euros (instead of 97.47 euros, which will save 43.87 euros)

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition * for 77.96 euros (instead of 131.58 euros, thus saving 53.62 euros)

Fire HD 10 * for 87.71 euros (instead of 146.20 euros, ie 58.49 euros cheaper)

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition * for 131.57 euros (instead of 194.94 euros, so 63.37 euros cheaper)

Encourage * for 53.60 euros (instead of 77.97 euros, potential for savings of 24.37 euros)

Kindle Kids Edition * for 58.47 euros (instead of 107.21 euros, saved 48.74 euros)

Encourage oasis * for 180.32 euros (otherwise 224.19 euros, saved 43.87 euros)

Amazon Smart Plugin * 17.05 euros (instead of 24.36 euros, thus 7.31 euros cheaper)

Smarthome offers for Black Friday on Amazon

In addition, Amazon has a number of home automation and smart home devices on offer:

Mini blink * for 27.28 euros (instead of 38.98 euros, savings of 11.70 euros)

Blink outdoors * for 76.03 euros (instead of 116.97 euros, saved 40.93 euros)

Alarm alarm * for 193.98 euros (instead of 291.47 euros, reduced by 97.49 euros)

Door view pebble * for 86.76 euros (instead of 125.75, discount 38.99 euros)

Ring camera for lighting for € 193.99 (otherwise € 291.47, reduced by € 97.48)

Ring reflector camera * for 154.99 euros (instead of 223.23 euros, discount is 68.24 euros)

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite * for 135.50 euros (otherwise 193.99 euros, cheaper 58.49 euros)

Hold the camera battery for the ring * for 67.27 euros (instead of 96.51 euros, thus saving 29.24 euros)

Video Ring Video Cone 2 * for 67.26 euros (instead of 96.51, saved 29.25 euros)

Video ringbone 3 * for 135.50 euros (instead of 193.99, ie saved 58.49 euros)

Doorbell Pro video ringtone * for 145.24 euros (regular 242.72, with a discount of 97.48 euros)

Euro * for 63.75 euros (normal price 106.25 euros, saved 42.50 euros)

Ero (3-set) * for 163.18 euros (instead of the usual 271.97, saving 108.79 euros)

Smart home packages and fire TVs from Grundig

In addition, Amazon has several packages on offer at the beginning, some of which you can save more than half:

Echo Point (4th Generation) + Smart Connect for Amazon * for a total of 41.24 euros (instead of 82.84 euros, savings of 41.60 euros)

Echo point (4th generation) + White Philips Hue lamps (package of 2) for 39.24 euros instead of 88.43 euros (saved 49.19 euros)

Echo Dot (4th generation) + Philips Hue color kit for 109.24 euros (instead of 208.43 euros, saving 99.19 euros)

Echo show 5 + flashing mini * for 53.86 euros (regular price 126.70 euros, savings of 72.84 euros)

Closed cam ring + Echo show 8 for 73.35 euros (otherwise 184.22 euros, discount 110.87 euros)

Ring Stick Up Cam + Echo Show 5 for 82.27 euros (regular 184.23 euros, discount 101.96 euros)

In addition, Amazon has several deals for those with Grundig branded TV with Fire TV *-Fund functionality. The range goes from Grundig Vision 6 – Fire TV Edition * (43 inches) for 218 euros up to Grundig Vision 7 – Fire TV Edition for 249 euros (43 inches) up to 499 euros (65 inches) up to Grundig Vision 8 – Fire TV Edition for prices from 439 euros (49 inch version) up to 699 euros (65 inches).

Conclusion: Amazon comes with competitive prices for Black Friday

The offers that Amazon returns here are – similar to Prime Day in mid-October – in many cases really interesting. If you are considering buying one of the devices, you will rarely get it cheaper. However, bargain hunters will miss some, above all, current offers and products. There are no special prices or offers for these in the documents available to date. Similar to this year’s Premier Day in October, it could happen that Amazon adds some exciting deals here! So, you should not assume that nothing will happen if the device you want is not included in the above offers.

A few more tips: currently some of the offers are not yet or are not fully adjusted in the price. We assume this will happen in the next few hours – so just stay tuned. In general, Amazon always applies that the offer is valid as long as the shares last. Now, especially with the company’s own products, one can not assume that it will be exhausted so quickly.

Competitors such as Mediamarkt, Saturn or Otto and Conrad may also be worth looking into. Because they often had the same or similar prices for similar campaigns this year and last, which were even more appealing due to differences in delivery times and the applicability of new and existing vouchers for customers – at least for certain target groups.

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