Sunday , June 13 2021

Weyer: 53-year-old seriously wounded in forestry work

Weyer: 53-year-old seriously wounded in forestry work

While working in the forest in Weyer (Steyr-Land District), the 53-year-old suffered such serious injuries that he had to pick up the rescue helicopter.

(Fot Symbol) Photo: AMTC

The man from the Steyr-Land district worked in his Saturday home with his 80-year-old father in the field of forestry, when a chain of unfortunate circumstances led to a serious accident.

Two men wanted to take out a spruce trunk from the forest with a winch mounted on a tractor. The winch controlled the 53-year-old with a radio remote control. When the trunk was pulled out of the deck, he found himself on a forest road that suddenly began to roll.

The man was caught by a steel rope and thrown out of the forest road. He suffered severe injuries to his legs and shoulders. He still managed to get his son home by mobile phone. This ended the emergency services.

Seriously injured he was brought by a rescue helicopter "Christophorus 15" at the Amstetten state hospital.

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