Saturday , April 17 2021

Waiting for Baby Sussex: Will You Be a Girl for Prince Harry?

London – The baby of Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Mehan (37) is probably a girl, according to William Hill's book. That, said a spokesman for the press-British betting operator, Rupert Adams, told reporters in London on Friday. The birth of the youngest descendant of the British royal family is expected in early May.

Coatings for the child's sex were not accepted since the beginning of April, as a clear trend for a girl appeared. "That means people know," said Adams. Information from the surroundings of pregnant parents may be disclosed despite all secrecy efforts.

Diana before Victoria

Accordingly, the assumption of the name of royal offspring in the first seven places is just the names of girls. It's chosen that Harry and Mehan, despite their drive to do many things differently and new, will choose a traditional name. In the first place is Diana, the name of the dead mother of Prince Harry in 1997. In second place is Victoria, third place is shared by Alice and Isabella.

Almost excluded is Adams that the two will give their child an American name. Although there are bets that the choice of Savannah or Chardonnay falls, their chances of winning are classified as very low. African names are not listed.

There are no details from the palace

Meanwhile, among Royals fans – and the British media – the baby fever rises higher and higher: when an ambulance was found near Frogmore Cottage on Friday, speculations about the imminent birth were immediately apparent. The Royals expert at the British ITV ITV was sure that Friday was the deadline for birth. Therefore, the arrival of the baby "in the near future" can be expected.

However, there will be no quick details about the baby of Prince Harry and Megan. The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex "made a personal choice to keep the plans for giving birth," Buckingham Palace said earlier this month. "The Duke and the Duchess are rejoicing to share exciting news with everyone once they have the opportunity to celebrate this privately as a new family," the statement said. (dpa,

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