Monday , February 17 2020
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VW got a new logo: That's how it looks

Circle, two letters: Volkswagen want to go after that diesel scandal with a reduced VW logo in the future to present more authentic and environmentally friendly. It wants to 2025 VW with one million electric cars sold annually Driving park world leader in e-mobility. The look of the brand has been revised.

"We want to earn the company recognition again," the VW brand board said Ralph Brandstater on Thursday at Wolfsburg, The logo will be customized for the first time since 2012: No previous 3D effect, but with a non-bound "W" it should look easier. "We believe we have created an icon," he said Jochen Sengpichel, Director of Marketing at Volkswagen Passenger cars. "We also need to rejuvenate as a brand."

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