Saturday , January 23 2021

Volkswagen – VW Caddy new: comprehensive with golf genes

VW Caddy is completely new on its wheels – The Germans emphasize: “Every detail has been redesigned from scratch!” and the eighth (current) generation of the compact. This contributes to the fact that the all-inclusive has not only become more like a car, but also more versatile.

Caddy started as a pickup in 1978, and a total of 1,960 units were sold in the Alpine Republic. Only in the second generation – from 1995 onwards – did he buy a welded and no longer just a superimposed structure. The fourth phase of the model is currently being scrapped.

The ratio of vans to cars across Austria is a total of 94,141 to 49,856 (ie all four generations together). As a completely refurbished city delivery van and caravan with high roofs, the Caddy can do even more than before, in addition to the much-sought-after camper van derivative, there will be a 2021 off-road version called the PanAmericana.

The more lively and almost sporty style indicates a symbiosis of a useful organism and a car. With almost 100 millimeters longer external dimensions – 4,500 millimeters or slightly less than 4,853 millimeters (normal or maxi) – it became wider (1,855 millimeters, without external mirrors) and a smaller touch (1,818 millimeters). The wheelbase range is between 2,755 and 2,970 millimeters.

The cargo space in the cargo version ranges from 3.1 to 3.7 cubic meters (pallets of two euros). The standard version of the caravan corresponds to 1,213 liters with five seats and a high load on the roof. Sliding doors facilitate access to the interior here and there, the standard width is 701 millimeters, and the Maxi is as much as 846 millimeters.

The interior design is based on the automotive segment. A digital or fully digital cockpit can be on board, a SIM card is permanently installed and the functions can be operated using touchpads and sliders. Electronic assistants are also at car level.

You can have up to 19 (new or improved) in the pie. Among other things, a rotating assistant is standard. You can get support when maneuvering with trailers. A new feature of the Caddy is a travel assistant including a capacitive steering wheel. LED light for outdoor and indoor lighting is also available.

The choice of plants designed for robustness and low emissions is adapted to the existence of beneficial insects. The start is with 2.0-liter diesels: with 102-PS-TDI and 75-PS-TDI. At the beginning of 2021, a petrol engine will be added, a 1.5-liter TSI with 114 hp.

All-wheel drive should be available from the first quarter of 2021, combined with the 122-PS TDI. Consequently – but not until the middle of 2022 – a natural gas plant is planned again, a 1.5-liter turbo with 131 hp. Seven-phase direct switching is already in the program.

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