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Vienna Stock Exchange (noon) – ATX has morning gains

Vienna (APA) – The Vienna Stock Exchange presented today, Wednesday, at noon with a moderate amount with a friendly tendency. ATX was calculated at 12.00 with 3.280,15 points, an increase of 13.4 points or 0.41 percent. For comparison: DAX / Frankfurt + 0.06 percent, FTSE-100 / London -0.04 percent and CAC-40 / Paris +0.20 percent.

Inflation in the eurozone fell in March. The European Statistics Agency, Eurostat, confirmed the first estimate on Wednesday by 1.4 percent, down 1.5 percent in February. Meanwhile, the export surplus for imports in the currency area was 19.5 billion euros in February. It's the highest value in almost a year. In the previous month, it amounted to 17.4 billion euros. Although the decline in exports, imports fell even more.

At the end of 2018, the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) increased the value of life and health insurance after taxation by 5.1 percent to 4.1 billion euros. The built-in value consists of the net assets and the present value of future income from the existing insurance portfolio. The adjusted value for 2017 is 3.9 billion euros. The additional value of 199m euros was achieved, first of all, by concluding a profitable new business with a margin of 4.4 per cent. Recently, VIG securities rose 0.80% to 25.30 euros.

In ATX, voestalpine shares showed the strongest trend in midday trading. The price of the domestic steel and technology company rose 3.5 percent to 31.01 euros. Already the previous day, the stock price of voestalpine closed with a profit of more than one percent. Earlier this week, Deutsche Bank confirmed its investment recommendation for titles with "Hold". Their target price of 33.00 euros for the shares of vostalpine, also confirmed the analysts in the study. The results of the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter are expected to continue to improve in the previous quarter, analysts say. Estimates are adjusted only slightly. According to analysts, voestalpine continues to be a quality company, but in the short term catalysts will be missing at a price.

ATX recorded the previous daily record of 3,281.35 points against 10.35, the daily low was 3.259.60 units shortly after the start of trading. ATX Prime was 0.41 percent higher at 1,649.13 points on the above-mentioned date. On the main market, there were 20 shares with higher prices, ten with lower and seven unchanged.

To date, 990,755 (the previous day: 823,060) shares have been converted into the main market (one-time counting) with a market value of around EUR 28.77 million (double counting). The largest volume of paper to date is Erste Group with 116,880 traded shares, which corresponds to a market value of about 4.32 million euros.

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