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The government is passing through autumn holidays

"Yes, there will be uniform autumn holidays," said Sebastian Kurtz on Wednesday. No matter how you decide, there will always be excitement. But now the government wants to make a decision after several years of futile negotiations with parents, teachers and student representatives. Because: Different autonomous days would create problems with the care of many parents.

Eight days

From 2020/21 will be held an autumn holiday between the National Day (October 26) and the Day of All Souls (November 2).

In turn, two Tuesday is taught after Easter and Pentecost, one to three school autonomous days are canceled.

Parents mobilize against single holidays

In fact, parents' representatives are mobilizing against new autumn holidays. For example, the Federal Association of Parents of Higher Education in Austria stated: "This increases the pressure on students, because schoolwork and tests are even more concentrated." Attendees at parental schools also consider plans for "critical". They require free supervision by qualified personnel at the time.

Teachers, for their part, are fully divided on this issue, as compulsory teacher Paul Kimberger discovers: "Some feel this is a good thing because they think that children need a break. Many say: Please, no, this is the only longer part. There are always many things in the classroom. "

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