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"The future is private": Facebook promises a new privacy policy

San Jose – Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg pledged to put privacy protection at the center of the online network after data scams of recent months. "The future is private," Zuckerberg told a F8 development conference in San Jose, California on Tuesday. "Privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves."

"We do not have the best reputation now"

Especially with increased global networking, such withdrawals will be particularly important, Zuckerberg said. Thus, the founder of Facebook put forward its previous announcements to align the platform more on encrypted private communication. The online network has recently been under pressure from data scandals and data breaches.

He therefore understands that many did not believe that Facebook had cited it, Zuckerberg acknowledged. "We do not have the best reputation for privacy right now to put it nicely," he said. But Facebook has repeatedly proved that the online network can be changed. The reorientation will also require changes in the way the company operates. Zuckerberg has said over the past few years that Facebook's mission is to connect the world closer. Now he is talking about people who want to move online and in public and strictly private spaces.

Messenger gets end-to-end encryption

The central element of the new strategy are Facebook WhatsApp chat services and Facebook Messenger. Here Zuckerberg wants to organize more communication between users with friends and family. Messenger is now converted to full encryption.

WhatsApp, the other Facebook talk service, has long been a so-called. end-to-end encryption, where basically only senders and recipients can see the content. With Facebook, Facebook has given up – among other things, in order to better open the platform for communication between businesses and their customers, as it was called. To transfer classified information, but you can already go to safe mode.

With a new feature, users also need to invite Messenger friends to watch video together. This could be their own videos, clips from the Internet or even platforms on television programs, said Tuesday. Messenger will be available this year with its own desktop application for Windows and Mac computers.

According to the latest data, Messenger has 1.3 billion active users per month, of which 410 million are using video chat on the platform. Between the companies and their customers will be sent 20 billion messages per month.

Facebook has a particularly strong position in chat services with WhatsApp and Messenger. A key competitor is Apple's iMessage, which has so far, but only on the devices on the iPhone group.

Focus on group function

The main application on Facebook further emphasizes the group, where users can connect with their interests. Facebook dating platform, launched last year, will also be launched in the US this year after launch in Latin America.

In the meantime, the online network wants to bring its portal for videophone devices after the launch in the United States and internationally on the market. In June, Canada should make the start, followed by Europe later in the year – individual countries do not call Facebook for now. (AP)

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