Friday , April 16 2021

The Free Stress of the Northern Chain is turning into aggression

From Nikolaus Paumgarten

Innsbruck – The recreational area at the foot of the Norckett has enjoyed immense popularity for years: hikers, mountains and e-cyclists, downhill and mountain runners use the numerous trails and routes between Innsbruck, Hungerburg and Seegrube for their activities. Especially on weekends, public holidays and during holidays, thousands of tourists are in the area. It seems that conflicts between actors are pre-programmed, but now they have reached a new "quality," criticized Thomas Schroll, executive director of Innsbruck Nordkitten.

Even in the Hungerburgbahn there has always been friction between tourists and bad bikers, which can be passed on with their bicycles on the mountain. "Every guest is welcome for us," says Schroeder. However, in terms of customer-style, bicycles are generally limited to five pieces per tape. "Passengers feel stressed by drivers on the slopes," Schroul explains. Staff at Nordkettenbahnen provide, especially on a busy day, that this request has been met. Already at the beginning of April, the discussion between the staff and the motorbike escalated in such a way that the cyclist put a helmet on one of his co-workers with the helmet, writes Schroll. On Thursday, until then the unknown with the ban on the house, again tried to descend by train. During the recent crisis missed this employee Scandinavian slap in the face so that the victim had to go to medical treatment.

For Thomas Schroll the measure is now full. He demands urban policy and tourism from the aftermath of Innsbruck and the clarification of the conversation. Schroeder also announces that in the absence of a decision to prohibit bicycles from being taken on the train. "Everyone always talks about the big city of bicycles in Innsbruck, and politics can build paths for tracks without coordination with us," Shrohl complains, and criticized that he and his company were left in the rain with the excesses of this entertainment policy.

The aggression and conflict in the recreational area of ​​Norkket are not limited to the rides of the Hungerburgbahn. Cyclists who do not respect the existing driving restrictions and who use the tracks and trails despite existing and continuously expanded tracks on the track also cause problems for quite some time Time with pedestrians for proper freedom of frustration. Add to this the number of e-cyclists who have discovered the paths for their activity is constantly growing.

Unhappy with the development were recently hunters, who find a huge disruption of the game by many people. Again, criticism often referred to cyclists who drove through the forests of designated routes across the country.

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