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With a 50 kWh battery, a range of up to 350 kilometers, a top speed of 210 km / h and an initial price of USD 35,000 in the USA, Elon Musk inspire the world. Model 3 from Tesla is now in the starting blocks and, to the disappointment of the German automotive industry, in the first half of 2019 in this country will be on the road in this country.

From a problem child to a hoker?

Despite the initial difficulties with supply and production problems, the problematic child Tesla is now to conquer the mass market. Because unlike other vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 product portfolio is much cheaper.

Relative ratio

While German Tesla customers have to pay around EUR 85,000 for the Model S sedan, EUR 105,000 for the SUV X model and over EUR 150,000 for the highest P100D model, the equivalent of around EUR 31,000 for the 3 model sounds relatively inexpensive.

For $ 35,000, it is only the most needed

Fans of e-cars who now want to ride Tesla, so they no longer have to dig deep in the bag. However, there are also model 3 depending on the differences in the prices of the version. The Long Range model with a range of up to 500 kilometers and a maximum speed of 225 km / h costs already USD 49,000. The racing version with a maximum speed of 249 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, but prices above the mark of 80,000 USD are possible. This so-called 3 Performance model is also equipped with a dual AWD motor.

Model 3 was the "last step" of Elon Muska

As the individual executions of the model show, this is how it is electric car for "all", but only in the simplest basic equipment – a bite. For Elon Muska model 3 is still the "last step of the general plan". Model 3 is an "inexpensive car for the mass market" – continued Tesla president during the premiere of the vehicle on 31 March 2016.

"The spa has just begun"

Tesla has already supplanted the first premium producers in Germany in the USA. While Porsche and Audi only sell 4,820 and 16,060 cars in the US market in the luxury models category from August to October 2018, Tesla already had 21,800 cars.

"Who on the American market under arch-conservative and l-proteg Donald Trump Such sales data should be taken very seriously. The spa resort of the classic car maker Elon Musk is just beginning, "said CAR chief Ferdinand Dudenhffer, referring to the Tesla sales explosion.

Tesla is ahead of BMW

After considerable initial difficulties of the E-car pioneer, the group apparently got a curve. Model 3 is already the best-selling electric car in the world. Also in terms of market capitalization, the Musk Group offers German leading car manufacturers. At a price of 340 USD, the US group achieves a Brsen value of USD 59.36 billion, thus ahead of the traditional BMW manufacturer. Bayrischen Motoren Werke currently has only market capitalization of USD 58.2 billion.

The brand is about the future

Although BMW and Tesla play in two very different leagues, investors see Tesla a better investment in the future. Despite this, BMW sells around two million vehicles worldwide, and Tesla only sells 360,000 a year in connection with current production data.

Musk does not need any variation of the product

While BMW has a total of 14 model lines in the US, the Tesla 3, S and X models are just 3, and the Elona Muska model strategy seems to work. Because in October, BMW sold an average of 1660 vehicles per model line in the US, but in Tesla there were 7,230 cars per model. Thus, a wider range of products does not necessarily protect against ruthless ostracism.

German producers in a cross

Whether model 3 with a prized $ 35,000 entry price for the new "Volkswagen" will develop is doubtful – but it is clear that US electric car manufacturers will try more and more market shares from their competitors in the future. Especially in the US, the dominance of German premium car manufacturers can be significantly reduced. Enormous competition has begun in the field of electric cars. In addition to Tesla, Chinese producers such as NIO, Geely and BYD are also trying to end the glory years of the German automotive industry.

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