Wednesday , June 16 2021

The boss, Elon Mash, is considering co-operation with Daimler in E-Sprinter

The thesons boss Elon Musk expressed interest in working with Daimler on the planned electric version of Sprinter's small truck. "It may be interesting to work with Daimler / Mercedes on E-Sprinter," Twitter said. "This is a great van, we will explore."

He responded to a question about a Twitter consumer for an electric drive for delivery. In February, Mercedes-Benz launched the latest Sprinter series. For the next year, e-versions are promised.

Tesla did not respond to a request for a very tweet. Daimler refused to comment on whether the group was open to working with Tesla. A spokesman said only, one is pleased with the interest of the Moussle in Sprinter.

Daimler responded flatteringly to Twitter, but kept her head: "Thank you for the flowers! And yes, it's a great van …", says there.

Daimler CEO Dieter Tseche has not recently ruled out co-operating with an electric car pioneer in the United States. The Polish daily "Receppolita" told Zecce at the end of October that he had never complained about the sale of Tesla's shares four years ago. But this does not preclude cooperation in the future.

Daimler sold its 4% stake in Tesla in 2014 for $ 780 million. Financial participation is no longer necessary to continue co-operation with Tesla, the group justified this step then. Stuttgart wants to compete with its first electric SUV Tesla, which dominates the market in the luxury segment.

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