Friday , April 16 2021

Storm-trainer Gradually we left Lovric and Hosiner

storm Graz suddenly there are good cards in the fight for the European Cup. At half-time on master circle on Bundesliga are the four Graders. In third place is missing only one point, which would mean a fixed place in the group stage of the Europa League in the win of the Cup of Fast Champions of Salzburg.

Those who are responsible also know: "This is an extremely difficult year for storms Graz, for sporting leadership around Günter Kreissl, for the coaching team, "said the coach Roman Melik,

It does not matter

Meanwhile, given the approaching end of the season, planning in the background is in full swing. How come Small papers now reported, dropped at least two players, the decision on their future. Well done Mählich and Sandi Lovric as well as Philip Hosiner said the duo had no role in the club's plans.

Agreement of Lovric, who last sat on the bench for the whole season, was gone in the summer. The 21-year-old could also lose his place in the national U21 squad of the sorting. Hosiner Although he signed a deal last summer by 2021, he could not meet the expectations set in him. In the last games he was no longer appointed to the squad.

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