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Social Network: On April 2, 2019, Google+ will be closed forever

Social network operators Google + announced in their blog schedule for finally closing the service. The most important date is April 2, 2019: In this case, access to user profiles, photos, videos and other content is no longer possible – even for the person who created the profile. Google wants to start simultaneously deleting data gradually.

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If you want to save your pictures and movies in advance, you can do it in a relatively simple way. Google has published instructions on the help pages. Data that has Google Photos backups will not be deleted, according to the company.

Even before the final posting, there will be more and more restrictions on Google+. From February 4, users will no longer be able to create new profiles, groups, or events. Another key date is March 7, 2019, when it will no longer be possible to post comments to third parties using Google+; On Blogger, this feature is no longer available since February 4th. The comments will be deleted in parallel with the profiles of April 2nd. As of March 7, most other interfaces will be removed.

For many of these features, there is still no fixed date. This includes, among other things, access to pages via a Google+ account and a password. This should not be possible in the coming weeks, but is partially replaced by access through Google's standard access (without Plus).

The ABC, the parent company of Google, announced the end of the network in the autumn of 2018. The reason for the exclusion is, at least officially, the relative failure of the service, but several breaches of data, which were discovered and closed down by Google data from March 2018. Among other things, application developers were able to access their names, email addresses and, if applicable, the gender and age of users through the API.

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