Saturday , July 31 2021

Smart-Box recognizes facial users – multimedia

Target audience of Hub Max with a 10-inch screen are families that share the device, but do not want everyone to see their personal data.


Do you use Google services?

In addition, the integrated camera can be programmed to send a warning to the mobile phone during movements or unknown persons in the room.

It is also possible – recognizing gestures in case the music is too loud for voice control. Nest center should be late in the summer for $ 229 originally in the US, UK and Australia to have.

Also new: two smartphones called Pixel 3a (399 €) or Pixel 3a XL (479 €), which, unfortunately, as usual only in Germany, create (Media Markt, Saturn, etc.).

Google's helper will soon be in real time on the phone, which makes it up to ten times faster. In addition, it gets a driving mode in which all the important things can be done in the car with the voice.

What news today is Google's headline?

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