Friday , June 18 2021

Securities buyouts in the US: $ 200 billion in the quarter After Trump's tax reform

Tax reform as a gift for shareholders: the largest US companies buy more and more own shares, mainly due to the tax reform of President Donald Trump. The stock exchange buy-outs of companies listed on the S & P 500 stock index reached record levels in the past quarter, as evidenced by the analysis carried out by the S & P Dow Jones supplier on Friday. Potential giants, such as the Apple stock market chart, the stock market chart of the alphabet or the Cisco stock chart, launched mass buy-out programs and use programs to keep the stock exchange quotation at an artificially high level.

Up to the third quarter, buy-backs worth 194.1 billion USD have been announced. Although not all periodic reports are still available, this is a new record that already exceeds USD 190.62 billion in the second quarter. In current statistics it may even exceed USD 200 billion, forecasted S & P analyst Dow Jones, Howard Silverblatt.

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The basis is, in particular, tax breaks approved by Congress at the end of last year. It also resulted in higher dividend payments by S & P 500 companies than a year ago.

Along with the tax reform, Trump is upholding the stock market boom. Several times Trump has already boasted that the recovery on the stock markets, which was already fully taken over after taking office, returns to him. In fact, his tax reform is primarily to ensure companies quietly maintain their courses and maintain high-level quotes. But in recent weeks, Dow Jones has come under pressure.

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