Monday , October 21 2019
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Samsung announces SD card with terabyte storage «

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, not only the design, the screen and the touch operation were revolutionary, but also the internal memory of eight gigabytes. Nearly twelve years later, Samsung announced that the first microSD card with terabytes of memory will go into mass production.

Even Galaxy S9 and Note 9 can handle external memory cards up to 512 gigabytes. Now the South Koreans made the next leap. 1 TB memory eUFS 2.1 should have a reading speed of up to 1000 Mb / s. The write speed should be up to 260 Mb / s.

With an internal memory of up to 512 gigabytes in current smartphones, the available memory is 1.5 terabytes. This should no longer lead to bottlenecks and requests for deletion due to lack of space.

According to Samsung, it fits on the SD card up to 260 4K UHD video with a length of ten minutes.


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