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Rumors: Navi should be a breakthrough to AMD, Nvidia plans RTX 2070 Ti and stronger RTX 2080 Ti

AMD Radeon VII Nvidia RTX 2070 Ti
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The anonymous video board claims that Navi becomes AMD "Maxwell Moment", a step ahead. Nvidia also plans the RTX 2070 Ti.

Anonymous tip: Navi is AMD "Maxwell Moment"

AMD launched the new Navi architecture in the second half of the year. She replaces Vega and Polaris. It is after the Radeon VII, the second generation graphics cards with AMD's 7nm structure width and directed to the main market. The preliminary super model is expected to compete against the Nvidia RTX 2070 and be unattainable.

The well-informed Videocardz website has now received anonymous advice, the author WhyCry Twitter announced. Anonymous source mentions specific Navi graphics card information. This will come with 40 accounting units and 2,560 masterpieces. The clock on the graphics card should be above 2 GHz and thus 30 percent above Polaris. However, the last sentence "So With Radion Maxwell Sauce" is the biggest speculation. With Maxwell's generation and GTX 900 graphics cards, Nvidia has achieved a great generation. Therefore, the sentence should suggest that Navi for AMD could be a step forward with similar success as Nvidia Maxwell.

Nvidia reportedly plans a RTX 2070 Ti with multiple cores

But even the competition does not sleep. So, Nvidia is already planning a counter attack in the form of RTX 2070 Ti. As reported yesterday, there are plans to build a Turing recovery with faster GDDR6 memory. The anonymous council now carries a different perspective. Instead of just faster memory, more CUDA shaders should be installed. The main opponent of the potential RX 3080 XT would be RTX 2070 Ti, which can boast 2,560 instead of 2,304 CUDA cores and uses RTX 2080 on the TU104 chip. However, the memory clock should remain the same.

However, another version of the RTX 2080 Ti is much more difficult in the concept. This calls the source "RTX 2080 Ti-R", which can also be only for Refresh. It needs to be equipped with faster and slightly more memory. Instead of 11 gigabytes of 14 Gbps memory, 12 gigabytes of 16 Gbps memory should be installed. In addition, there should also be more cores than the normal RTX 2080 Ti. Instead of 4,352 cores, 4,480 cores should be installed, which is still under the full extension of TU102 with 4,608 cores.

Beware, rumors

What or if something is true, it's very difficult to say. We would like to once again stress that this is an absolutely unconfirmed rumor. Everyone should be aware that AMD has hot iron in the fire with Navi. However, if Nvidia actually plans a counter-attack, however, it must first be seen. Logically, it would definitely be if you remember the GTX 1070 Ti as opponents RX Vega 56.

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