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RTL: GZSZ star shocked fans with new self-image – "Please let me help you"

Ex-GZSZ Linda Marlene Rouge shocked her fans with self-confidence.

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Fans of GZSZ know Linda Marlene Rouge as "Eni Breme". The actress left the RTL series "Good Times, Bad Times" to make music. Instagram's photo shocked its fans.

Cologne – Lindsay Marlene Rouge has been with GHSS for five years as "Annie Breme". She has played in more than 1250 episodes of lesbian sound engineer Annie Brem. In the summer of 2018, the 33-year-old then rose from the daily soap. Linda Marlene Rouge wanted to concentrate more on her music career. Give the family and their band "Lejana" more time.

Returning to "Eni Breme" in the neighborhood of the SZHZ did not exclude RTL at that time, as it was reported on the website. Your character does not die in classical serial death. Soap recovery is still possible.

GZSZ fans want their audience to be favorites back

The Instagram Linda Marlene Rouge retains her followers to this day on her projects. Your account has been watched by 139,000 people (since April 25, 2019). Of course, many are happy about their success as a musician. However, the fans of the GZSZ oath are still missing out on their favorite spectator. In comments on their posts, fans write again and again sentences like "you miss the GZSZ genuine," "OMG looks like you absolutely let go and I miss it a lot in GZSZ" or "Come to GZSZ".

The GZSZ Linda Marlene Rouge was seen as "Annie Bremen". In the summer of 2018, the actress and singer bid farewell to the daily soap.

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Fans are concerned about the cancellations of the HSE

"You look so incredibly sick. Is not that really notorious for anyone?" But also customized notes under an article on Instagram. The photo was published by Linda Marlene Rouge on March 11th – at her birthday.

"33 years old and still can not take a sensible photo influenza," the singer wrote with a wink. And further: "Here I am, in the Prime Minister of my life with a half covered drying dryer, the wall color that descends (thank you cat), a decorated salon …"

A recent photo scares other fans. The 33-year-old looks tired and thin for the instigram. "Linda, girl, take care of yourself … please, let me help you," Userin warns. "Why are you so thin? Should we take care," asks another.

The comments under this selfie have now been removed. This instance also put the 33-year-old to "uncommented".

Fans are also worried about another GZSZ star, it has long since disappeared and announced the cause now.

RTL Soap "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" runs from Monday to Friday at 19:40. Wolfan Baro, Joe Gerner, joined the CPI in 1992. Many fans believe that the recent trailer for the GZSZ series predicts his death. But is it really true?

Former Star of RTL Soap "Good Times, Bad Times" died at the age of 88 in a pension in Berlin.

Ex-GZSZ star Linda Marlene Run founded the "Leyana" group in 2008 with Mexican musician Eder Perales.


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