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Right-wing populist shame: Gabalier wants more gratitude

Munich / Vienna – The decision of the Munich Carnival Narkhala, Andreas Gabalier to award the order to Carl Valentin, continues to give a topic for discussion. After being, among other things, the perpetrator of Carl Valentin and the representative of the successor Gunter Fet, versus the "picture"The newspaper as a right-wing populist, homophobic and misogyny appointed, the 34-year-old Austrian now speaks for herself.

However, these allegations do not really look like striking him: "If several people who do not know me personally get upset then they do not torment me." He considers himself a man down on a country that "will certainly not change for these people" he said loudly "picture"The newspaper, especially because it was told" that there was anxiety among all predecessors of peace. "

"Do not let me spoil your success story"

Singer "Hulapalu" does not want to miss the award: "I can not blame my success story for a few jealous people," he said, adding, "You really do not have to like me, but I would not care if some people a little more gratitude. Mutual respect is in our society more and more down. "

The old rock scooter Peter Kraus, 79, who will hand over the prize on Saturday, defended Gabalier. "I know Andreas as a nice, courteous and respected colleague," he told the newspaper. Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strach (FPO) took over the Facebook party for Stirlings.

Whistle on the cover of the album?

Among other things, Gunther Fiet criticizes the Gabalier song "Having an Opinion," which reads: "What is it? Where does it come from? New time, new earth? Where does it lead? How can it be that a few people believe that they know what they want Is that the goal of democracy? "He says something, while the others are silent?"

In addition, his critics believe that Gabaliers poses the cover of his released "VolksRock" Roller "album since 2011, they recognize the swastika. Since Gabalier 2014 sang the Austrian national anthem in the old version, in which only "big sons" are mentioned, but not the daughters, he is accused of misogyny.

Controversial statements

The "Amadeus Awards" a year later, after his award as "The Best Life Act" on stage: "This is not easy in this world, if like Manderle you are still at Weber." It was not good. Since then, it has been labeled "homophobic".

On Saturday, Gabalier will receive a medal in Munich. Comedian Carl Valentine considers his life as a national singer, and Gabalier was a "folk singer 2.0", founded the club with honors. The singer knows how to connect popular music with the stadium like no one else. (APA, DPA,

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