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Ramstein-Schok: Is it right now because of Schalke 04?

Ramstein's much-awaited European tour is in the starting blocks. At the same time, the Bundesliga season is approaching its end. But an event could have dealt with both.

Update from April 26, 9:20: Awarded for FC Schalke 04, is currently modest in the Bundesliga. Only six points are separated from WBB Stuttgart and hence from the hated place of relegation. So, when two children from the cellar meet again on May 18th, it's about or nothing. But what does all this do about Ramstein?

Should the Rammstein Tour be suspended or canceled?

If Schalke failed to prevent the coming relegation, then the Royal Blues on May 23rd and 27th against the aspirants of the 2nd League ran. It's just stupid that on May 27 there is a concert to open Metalheads to Til Lindemann in Veltin Arena to Schalke. Does that mean that either the relegation match or the Turkish Overture must be canceled or postponed?

Anja Klein-Wildda, director of corporate communication at Schalke 04, does not say. "The first leg always happens first in the club, which first had its last match," she explains, according to on the side of the fans Buzz04That is, Schalke denies his last match the day before the competitor of the second division and will thus be in the first match at home. Thus, the scene will be in the true sense of the word for Ramstein free of charge. All they have to do now is to build their massive scene, stage shows and effects within four days in four days.

Ramstein's singer to Lindeman pierced by a sword – Photo appeared

(Initial report) Berlin – Two swords pierce to Lindemann in the picture he posted on Instagram. The band's frontman Ramstein kneels in the Knights' armor on the ground – only with difficulty it still seems possible to hold onto the spear, which rests on the ground. His window mirror reflects the red flame. Also, this picture, which shows Rammstein during the video recording of her new album, is #Germany #Duhastvielgeweint. Another picture from the recording of her new video from "Germany", which Ramstein shares on YouTube in late March.

For a short time, the pistol was for the frontman Lildemann and Ramstein viral. A week later, the video was 27 million times, now playing more than 30 million times. The video "Germany" may be its most successful YouTube hit. The accompanying album, whose name is not yet known, will be released on May 17.

Ramstein: Critique of the song "Germany"

Ramstein also caused a lot of excitement with the song. In addition to their Roman appearance, musicians also present scenes from the concentration camp. Fans do not want to hear about the criticism the band thinks are right. The song is misunderstood, says the stage.

Unique "Germany" by Ramstein

© dpa / Jes Larsen

"The song is not a right-wing radical song, but it's more about the bad and dark times of Germany," the fan writes.

Ramstein: Founded in Berlin, successful in the world

"A masterpiece! After so many years," writes another. Some fans also thank the group: "This is crazy and fantastic! Thank you, Ramstein, for the heart and soul you invested in your work."

Ramstein was founded in 1994 in Berlin and is musical in the new German difficulties. Lindeman is the singer and frontman of the band, Christophe Schneider plays the drums, Richard Krush is the lead guitarist, Paul Landers plays the rhythm guitar, bass guitar by Oliver Riddle and Christian Lorenz plays the synthesizer. At first, Rommstein called his brutal style of music "dance metal". After the first successes in Germany and Europe, Ramstein gained international attention in 1997, as well as her song "Marry Me" in the soundtrack of David Lynch's "Lost Highways" and "Angel" in the soundtrack for "Mortal Kombat 2 – Annihilation "by John R. Leonetti was used.

Ramstein is internationally known and has fans around the world to this day. As in their clip "Germany", the band polarized again and again in texts, albums and videos. That's why it always comes back to the petty wars with other stars. Abu-Chucker told the rockers the war only a few years ago, but Rapper Capital Bra was badly ruined by Ramstein.

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