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Qualcomm calls for the detention of Apple CEO Tim Cook

Qualcomm requested in Regional Court Munich. fines against Apple to impose or, alternatively, to prison from the Apple boss Tim Cook to arrange. This is evident from the documents that the news agency has Reuters on Thursday. With the applications you need Apple forced to enforce the decision in December, said Qualcomm's chief attorney Rosenberg in a press release.Apple however, throw Qualcomm in a turning maneuver at a news conference in the world debate both groups before. A spokeswoman for the court said he could accept the receipt of applications from Qualcomm do not confirm it first Regional Court Munich decided in a sensational decision in December that Apple the iPhone models 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus and X in germany should not offer more.

Because the component in these devices violates the patent on QualcommNow Qualcomm's lawyers in their applications complained to the court Apple sitting above the ban. Contrary to what the court ordered, the group did not prevent the sale of the sentenced devices, for example, from authorized dealers. this iPhone- "will continue to be sold by third parties in a huge number of domestic". In fact, announced Apple Immediately after the verdict, some models of the iPhone range from its 15 stores germany to take. At the same time, the company advertises that all iPhone models are unchanged at dealers and other contracting partners at 4300 locations in germany available.


Thus, on the fourth day on its website offered Apple Gravis all four offensive equipment. In addition, descend Apple Appeal against the judgment. Although until the final decision of the Higher Regional Court or the Federal court years can pass, allowed the district court to immediately implement the ban. The situation imposed by the court Qualcomm 1.3 billion euros deposited as collateral Qualcomm according to their own data met. The amount is intended in case the judgment is annulled by a higher court and Apple must be compensated for the sale stopped. Both companies have been covering themselves in several countries around the world for several years now with lawsuits.

a Qualcomm the iPhone manufacturer accused of patent infringement, accused Apple the apprentice to abuse his market power. On Thursday had to Qualcomm before Regional Court Munich to quit. The court dismissed four other patent lawsuits Qualcomm against the iPhone manufacturer. This judgment is still not final.

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