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Plowl and Spindelegger opposed Mittererchner "

More and more former ÖVP leaders speak and give harsh criticism of today's sweep of former OVP leader Mitterrechner. On the sidelines of his presentation of the book, Mitlererh agreed with the policy of his successor Kurtz.

on Michael Jungwirth | 16:24, 17 April 2019

Joseph Prl and Michael Spindelegger © APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

Whether it is a joint action or not, it is uncertain: Hardly had the former head of the OVP and the Deputy Chancellor Reinhold Mitterner on the edge of his book presentation unmatched swing against the turquoise blue government under his successor Sebastian Kurz ended, former, and then also the ruling ÖVP politicians with a sharp answer to speak.

Spindelegger: "Short save ÖVP"

So explain the former ÖVP boss Michael SpindeleggerMitler's departure was not an intrigue, "but the salvation of the People's Party". The OVP stumbled on one election defeat to the next "and was under Mitterlehner on the road to insignificance"The result of the party's brief takeover was finally again the Office of the Overseas Office, how much the OVP policy was long ago, and the prevention of the red-blue chancellor Heinz-Christian Strachaccording to the old deputy chancellor. Spindelegger was considered a sponsor of Kurz and brought this as a state secretary only in the government. In the summer of 2014, Spindelegger discouraged ÖVP-internal cross-footage – including from the state of Upper Austria – the state of Merterlehirs – everything.

Prl: "Mittererch was a stash-keeper"

No less sharply reacted to the former ÖVP boss Joseph Prl in one of the The little newspaper submitted opinion. He spoke in the face of Mitterler's book about "hurt vanity". "To be honest, we all know the state of the party under Reinhold Mittererner, and the administration of the impasse was the central content of the great coalition. ÖVP already had no profile and moves more and more under the Mitterlehner to the left. With this positioning, Mitterler will never win elections. "

Michael-Leitner: "Mismatch in Perception"

A less sharp but no less clear was the word of the provincial governor of Lower Austria Johann Mick-Leitner out. It was "sad to see that the pain is so deep," said Mick-Leithner to The little newspaperShe wanted to say about Mitterler's statements that she was "between his self-perception and reality, but some disagreements are. I do not want to say more about that. Personally, I wish him all the best. "

Schausberger: "Vanity has vanished"

Strong criticism of the former governor of Salzburg Franz Schausberger, "I do not believe that if the appointed politicians break up their frustration and pursue their hurtful vanity," Schausberger rebelled in a conversation with The little newspaper, "I could have done it". There was no change in the head of the OVP, maybe Streche would be a chancellor today. Schausberger explains that he explicitly supports Mitterrand's speech predecessor Michael Spindelegger, who stated that Mitterrand's departure is not an intrigue, but a "salvation of the People's Party". Without giving any details, the former governor adds: "I can still expect a change from Spindelegger to Mitterlerhner. I do not know why they complain now."

Presentation of ÖVP's birthday

Mitterlehner did not accidentally chose the date of the book's presentation – the 17th of April was the founding of the Austrian People's Party. He was committed to the principles and values ​​of his party, he assured. Therefore, he will remain a member and "will bring a critical one". In his book entitled "Paragraph" he describes Mittererch, according to him, the internal power struggle for the party leadership and his replacement by Sebastian Kurt in May 2017.

In detail, Mitterlehner recapitulates two and a half years to his deputy chancellor, in particular the struggle for power with the then foreign ministerIn fact, Mittererner blames his successor that he planned to take the ÖVP from a long arm. "The Grand Design was already in charge in May 2016, which was then implemented in 2017." At that time, the interviewer was commissioned to test their chances of winning. "The study showed that the OVP would be better with a short 15 percent better. With this controversial result, Kurz upset the sharp and party leaders to seek support for new elections."

Mitreiner: Do not rule out the return to politics

Mitterlehner sees that he now opposes the party with a low number of polls of around 20 percent under his top team: "For what was going on inside, it was still a very, very good starting position." If ÖVP acted consistently, ARA would have a good chance under it, the former politician is convinced. The announcement of his predecessor Michael Spindelegger, under which his replacement was not an intrigue, but a "rescue" of the party, also did not upset him: If the subject (his book, remark) can not be covered now, "well, then only send some that are not necessarily at the highest level. "

The true message of his book is about the present. "I think we are on a very troubled road in its entiretyfrom liberal democracy to authoritarian democracy"He once again sharply criticized the turquoise blue as an example of renaming the reception centers in the departing centers:" I thought it was satire. "

For Mitterlehner, returning to politics is not a problem, at least for now: "Look, but now I do not have any inclination at all." He learned to "never strive or exclude".

Secret talks with Griss and Strolz

The reduction in power was accelerated by a change in the top of the SEA Werner Faymann to Christian Kern, According to Mittlerner, Kurz plans to present the companies in the summer of 2016 for possible donations. They also have short secret negotiations Irmgard Griss and Matthias Strolz led by the formation of a broad movement. When Kern presented his plan A in January 2018, the situation came to a head. "The escalation spiral is extended, as if the government's program is not re-starting. Kern and I should not have more success."

Apart from this, the then interior minister and today's chairman of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka responsible for obstruction policy. "I even felt like a place of the trap I was allowed to work until the hour of purchase was considered successful". The current coalition accuses Mitterlehner that "policy and policy-oriented policies are, in the first place, barred by applicable standards."

In the salon of the Kleine Zeitung

On May 8, Reinhold Mitterer will present his book at a salon organized by Klein Zeitung and Moser Bookstore, moderated by Michael Jungwirth. The book was released today by Ecowin-Verlag (24 euros).

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