Sunday , June 13 2021

Not from the pendant: Zara's successor marries the luxurious look

What are you wearing at your wedding when the father is one of the greatest

fashion chains belongs to the world, namely Zara, and he is the richest man in the world? Not Zara, as it turned out last week.

creating Valentino

Marta Ortega, Daughter of the owner of Inditex Amancio Ortega, married her fiancé on a big ceremony last week

Carlos TorrettaInstead of deciding on a dress from the family brand, the 34-year-old resorted to a luxurious creation. The Ortega's outfit, which looks like pants at first glance, was designed by Italian fashion house Valentino.

The high-cut pleated top was fitted with a straight cut skirt. Black and white photos made by a star photographer

Peter Lindberg Another unusual detail is hidden: Ortega decided against the classic white – and instead chose the fabric in pale pink.

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