Monday , October 25 2021

Nintendo Wii will soon not support streaming video services ⊂ · ⊃


As soon as Nintendo Switch receives its own YouTube application, another console from the Japanese manufacturer will soon have to completely opt out of streaming video services: At Nintendo Wii, among other things, Netflix will soon be no longer available.

The deadline is in line with Netflix January 30, 2019: Unfortunately, Nintendo will stop serving all video streaming services on the Wii, the company writes on its website. This seems to mean that Nintendo also excludes other suppliers. You will not be able to use Amazon Prime Video on the console.

The Wii store also closes

It is really surprising, however, that the announcement is not coming. The Nintendo Wii console was launched in 2005. At that time, video transmission was not as widespread as today. In addition, Nintendo has already released two new consoles from Wii U and Switch.

In addition, the manufacturer has already announced the closure of the Wii Shop 2019: You must also say goodbye on January 30, 2019. From now on, you will no longer be able to download "Virtual Console" games for the Nintendo Wii. Netflix is ​​not yet available on the switch – at least now.

The current Nintendo console has recently received its own YouTube app. The producer has already indicated that talks with various other streaming service providers are in progress. So there is a good chance that you will soon be able to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on your PDA.

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