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Nico Kovacs and Müller-Wolfhart: Dramas in Bayern – a dramatic scene

Decide Nico Kovacs back Bayern-Dock Miller-Wolfhart.

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Just before the end of the match Werder Bremen vs. Bayern Nico Kovacs and the team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Miller-Wolfhart went quite close to touch. What happened?

Bremen – After a 3-2 victory in the Werder Bundesliga DFB Cup, Bremen is Bayern in the final. In the duel with the Hanseatic League, it seemed that everything was going according to the World Cup winner's plan. Bremen looked a lot out of the Kovacs-Elf, but comfortably with 2-0 to 15 minutes before the end I saw the FCB clearly in the Cup final. But two goals in Bremen in a minute have threatened to throw the game at the atmospheric stadium Weser. She developed an exciting final stage, which found its tentative climax about ten minutes before the final whistle. After a tough penalty, Bayern went from Robert Lewandowski with a lead of 3: 2. At the final stage, he was again warmed up. Bayern-Doc Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt wanted on the pitch, but was not allowed. Coach Niko Kovacs severely stopped him. What happened?

FC Bayern: Between Nico Kovacs and Miller-Wolfhart – for this reason

When Javier Martinez was fouled just before the end, Miller-Wolfhart wanted to hurry on the lawn to treat the Spaniard. Niko Kovacs wanted to stop this with all his power, which was clearly shown by the Croat, energetically standing in the way of the team doctor. If Müller-Wolfhart had dealt with Martinez, the important midfielder would have to leave the field – Bayern would be tithing in a short time, which Kovac really wanted to stop him. Opposite picture explained the coach of the dispute with Müller-Wolfhart: "But it was not for Zoff! Just because I did not want to treat Javi, we do not have to leave the field and we should not play the final minutes to ten."

Bayern coach Nico Kovacs wants to prevent teammate Miller-Wolfhart from jumping on the pitch.

© sampics / Stefan Matzke

Bayern Munich in Bremen in luck: controversial penalty decision – How would they decide?

In the final stages, Bremen fled, but he could never prove to be decisive before the goal of Sven Ulrich, who continued to represent the injured Manuel Neuer. Ultimately FC Bayern finally earned a fairly well-deserved in the final, bitter taste, however the result however. The controversial penalty with whistle caused a lot of conversation during and after the game. The Bayern party claimed it could impose a fine, while northern Germans showed a major misunderstanding of the decision. Werder's Managing Director Frank Bowman, in particular, became clear in his criticism as * reported. We want to know how you assess the scene?


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