Friday , April 16 2021

Microsoft now advises not to change the password

It's a process that regularly attacks hundreds of millions of people around the world – and it's boring: Employees in companies need to regularly change the password on the computer. Now Microsoft has revolutionized: In the latest security recommendations, Windows manufacturer officially advised not to change the password.

Realization with long delay

The new recommendation – refers to Windows 10 and Windows Server (and v1903). Microsoft recognizes that password security is a problem for a long time. And recognizes what is clear to most in everyday life for many years: People will, in order to memorize their passwords, write them "where others can see them then." And if they are forced to make frequent changes to their password, they too often make only small and predictable changes to the existing password – or forget their new password. "

Current research will question the usefulness of the rules that have been used for many years to provide passwords and suggest a better alternative – such as passwords for forbidden passwords. At the same time, Microsoft has made it clear that every company should decide whether to change the password rules – in other words: the regular compulsion to change, which employees give up or not.

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