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Michael Vendler: After heulattacke – Laura makes an important decision – Panorama

Michael Wendler: Airplane Attack at Airport – Laura Decides to Change Life

It's Michael Wendler

He is one of the most famous pop singers in Germany: Michael Wendler.

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They were pictures full of tragedy. Near it Michael Wendler matured, teenager Laura, 18, stopped at the Miami airport. The pop singer is holding the 18-year-old singer firmly. It seems completely dissolved. What happened, it sounds more than banal. Michael Wendler and Laura had no seats on the plane. He flew business class, she just a tree class.

So this does not happen again and the 18-year-old has enough money to take care of flights soon, Laura now makes a decision that will affect her whole life.

Michael Wendler: Girl Laura made an important decision

She wants … "drum" … asking her own job. A man who would think about it. In an interview with RTL, the student also discovered in what direction he should work.

"Well, that influences something that is so modern at the moment. I am completely open." Many people write to me and can imagine something with me. "


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That's what Michael Wendler says about the plans

And what does Wendler think of his young partner's career plans?

"It's important for me to have a partner on my own that is self-employed, which depends on me, neither financially nor otherwise." She needs a driver's license, which definitely needs her own income, "he told the private channel in Cologne.

Girl Laura also wants to finish school

But what about Laura's school? She wants to finish, she revealed in an interview with RTL: "I want to be with him, and that's why my biggest wish is to end now." To stop so close to the end, I would be very stupid, I have twelve years behind me then. So, at home directly at the last meters. Now I will finish, and then we will be together. "

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Wendler is delighted, and the idea of ​​completing the school is also well accepted: "I always advised her: to go to school. Finish the school, and then you have something."

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Michael Wendler wants a baby

Well, then we can already expect to influence the videos from the classroom. Speaking about the classroom. Planning the baby does not look so complete. Wendler is openly talking about planning his family with a young girl.

Desire: A boy needs to become

In the RTL, the pop singer revealed that he wanted to have another boy. "So, a little Vendler," he already radiantly radiated into the camera.

What a young teenager think of the baby's plans of a clear older friend.

It seems that Laura is taken with plans for babies

It seems that Laura does not want to interfere with the baby's plans for her husband. Happily shining, she smiles at Michael, as she treats the news in the camera. To be ashamed, to hide behind her shawl. Is not the 18-year-old not so sure yet?

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Well, we're curious when the stork rings in Wendler's house at Cape Coral. In the beginning it will have to take some time. Wendler just carries his new album at the beginning. He also showed the Instagram list.

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