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Metaller KV: warning warnings Continue


Metaller KV: Warnings continue

Linz. On Tuesday, the warning strikes continued in the factories of the metal industry. Strikes were made in Upper Austria, for example in Silhouette in Linz and Stiva in Attnang.

Hit the metal

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There was no new meeting for negotiations yet. It is already possible on Thursday. From Monday to Wednesday, warning strikes take place in 220 companies employing 70,000 employees. Works are postponed for two to three hours. If it comes to the next Monday, and not to significant progress in negotiations, then the trade unions PRO-GE and GPA-djp threaten to fail on Monday for the entire change – and so eight hours for a strike.

The Metaller KV negotiations were held on Tuesday for the steel mining and foundry industries. However, for time reasons, negotiations on non-ferrous metals (non-ferrous metals) for tomorrow's Wednesday have been canceled. However, the union wants to finish small metal surfaces only after reaching an agreement on the largest area of ​​the metal industry. The unions want to "vigorously defend the common KV for particular Metallera areas", they emphasized several times.

"I will negotiate when employers are ready to make a substantial offer, and we will not let ourselves be fooled again – like the last forty hours of negotiations," said Rainer Wimmer, the head of the PRO-GE team yesterday.

On Tuesday, for example, Andritz was attacked in Graz, Liebherr in Nenzing (Vorarlberg), Silhouette in Linz, Boehlerit in Kapfenberg (Styria), Stiwa in Attnang (Upper Austria), Knorr Bremse in Mödling (Lower Austria) and voestalpine Precision Strip in Böhlerwerk (Lower Austria)).

video: Metallery have been on strike since Monday morning, because from their point of view payroll negotiations have not progressed so far.

The Employer's members did not want to comment on whether they expressed their intention to recommend "voluntary growth" to their member companies in the amount of 2.7%. The general director of the GPA-djp, Karl Dürtscher, has recently said that employers will try to divide up employees.

After all, such "voluntary growth" also caused excitement among representatives of railway employees. Today, the head of Vida Roman Hebenstreit said that representatives of employers this year are "exceptionally persistent" in many industries, and this autumn is "not only hotter in the weather." Vida negotiates 150 collective agreements in the services and traffic sectors. "I can say that we have adapted to difficult disputes in several areas," said Hebenstreit.

Threatens to such a hot autumn, strikes on metal workers and rail workers? What is in the heads of employers this year, trade unions have determined all strikes in advance, because they would be against? For this purpose, the leading trade unionist remained evasive. On the one hand, there is an "additional motivation" on the part of the government for the relevant financial statements, and experts, such as the president of the central bank Ewald Nowotny, recognize the demand of metalists for 5% as legitimate, meaning Hebenstreit. However, the employer's side accepts the "attitude of perseverance" and partly withdrew its commitments. "When responsibility now rests on escalating, I like to turn away," Hebenstreit said. If in the eighth CT train test there was no result on November 21, the union was ready to "do whatever it takes". The support of employees in combat operations is enormous, based on a recent survey, according to which 85 percent are ready for combat operations.

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