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Lufthansa warns of the consequences of uncertainty over Alitalia's future «

Lufthansa CEO Harry Khomeister warns of serious consequences for "Alitalia" if the airline is not sold soon. "I think the staff there will eventually need a perspective, and if it goes all the way back and forth, the proud Alitalia will soon be left," Homeister said in an interview with the daily Handelsblatt on Monday.

Homeister confirmed the AUA's mother's interest in reconstructed Alitalia. "Right now, we do not feel that there is a real discussion there – let me repeat that: If we are interested in Alitalia, then in the reconstructed, which is permanently successful," said the Executive Committee member of Lufthansa.

Homéeister criticized the obscurity of the government in Rome over the future of the Italian airline. "The feedback from our recent discussions has shown that there is still a disagreement in Italy, the decision is still open and we have always said that the Italian market is a very important and strong market for us," said the manager.

From the entrance of Lufthansa, "Alitalia" will have a strong and successful group of airlines as a partner, experience in integration, a sustainable concept. "There are many cheap service providers in Italy, so it seems better to have a solution in the premium segment, because this is the only way in which Alitalia can be distinguished from the competition," Homeister said.

In Italy, Lufthansa also runs ambitious projects with its Italian subsidiary Er Dolomiti, headquartered in Verona. "We are currently considering deploying the larger A320s there, and I think that the growing competition and the consequences for Alitalia in Italy are underestimated at the moment," said Homer.

Alitalia filed for bankruptcy in May 2017 and has since flew with the help of a loan from the Italian government. Federal Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato) and EasyJet have submitted a binding offer to take over the airline in late October. The Delta landed a non-binding offer for the airline.


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