Saturday , October 16 2021

Linz no longer wants to pay for the Landestheater and the Bruckner Orchestra «

Linz is of course serious about the idea of ​​terminating the theater contract with the country: said LH Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) in an interview for "Upper Austria News." The mayor Klaus Luger (SPÖ) confirmed in the newspaper that he had already signed the termination. The City Council will vote on December 6 and expects the case to be considered.

The theater contract between the city of Linz and the province of Upper Austria predicts that the city pays around EUR 14 million to the Theater und Orchester GmbH (TOG) of the state – which owns Landestheater and Brucknerorchester. For this purpose, the country moves around seven million to the municipal LIVA, which i.a. Brucknerhaus, Posthof and Arena Porad are responsible. Linz announced some time ago that he would like to review the theater contract, and for economic reasons put an announcement in the room. According to the governor, who is also a Culture Officer, leaving the city should take place as soon as possible in 2020, because the annual agreement period was agreed in the theater contract.

He still did not want to believe that the situation would really happen, said Stelzer. "If this happens, I hope that we will find a new cooperation in the theater, otherwise it would be the opposite of a common terrestrial and urban object, which we have been working on for months," he says. closer cooperation in the field of culture, e.g. ticket sales or marketing. "The deal also predicts that the country is taking part in the LIVA and Brucknerfest, and the Bruckner Orchestra is playing at the Brucknerhaus in Linz – the solution is suspending everything."

Is the national subsidy for Ars Electronica?

If Linz actually denies the theater contract, the question arises whether the state will also cancel the EUR 1.2 million grant for the city center of the Ars Electronica Center (AEC). Luger expects this, but he predicts that the city will save 5.8 million euros. You can also agree to a new contract, "I am ready to talk," said the mayor. Stelzer said vaguely about the issue of AEC subsidies, but if millions escaped from the country, "I must see how I finance the operation of musical theater, Schauspielhaus, Kammerspiele, orchestras."

The announcement of plans has already triggered political reactions. No wonder FPÖ has signaled approval. From 2014, the contract is being pushed because "every theater visit must be mathematically subsidized to about one hundred euros," said liberal deputy mayor Detlef Wimmer. He pointed out that the current transfers for Linz are generally negative.

Although the Greens also find an imbalance in cash flows between the city and the country, they see that this does not justify the termination of the theater agreement: "The amendments are reasonably negotiated, instead of announcing the red-blue facilities in a quick process, resolving a single contract," criticized Councilor Eva Schobesberger.


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