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Lena Herke: Does the model go further with this hot picture? "Mad T *****!"

Bose's Lena Hercules blitz on Instagram has caused violent reactions.

© Image Alliance / Ursula Dyren / photo Instagram Lena Herke (photo editing)

The model Lena Gerke makes her hot picture on Instagram for fans' vulgar comments. The backs of the GNTM winner almost jump from the top of her picture.

  • Lena Herkes shares a very offensive image of Instagram
  • The model jumps on the warm image of the chest almost from the top
  • Under the site of Lena Hercules on Instagram bunch of many vulgar comments from the fans

Clopenburg – Lena Hercules really manages to do it regularly, with her extra hot photos on Instagram to satisfy their fans. He skillfully did it 31-year-old model So far, to show a lot of skin, without incinerating it completely.Has Lena Hercke now left this narrow ridge with her rough images on Instagram? Comments under Lena Gerke's attack photo really speak for themselves.

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The model Lena Hercules calculates her barefoot fans and bikini acrobatics, as reported by *.

Lena Herke: The model displays Busen-Blitzer in the image in Instagram

As * further reports, it can not be revealed enough for the male followers of Instagram's Lena Hercules. They celebrate the first winner of the next major model of Germany for her sharp pictures in indecent bikinis or short dresses. But with her latest Instagram photography, even some male fans are upset. Did the beautiful blonde go too far this time?

Last but not least, Lena Gerke was utterly liberal: the model placed on the snow below without pants, as reported by *.

Lena Gerke: Is the model with the image of Busen-Blitzer on Instagram going too far?

In Instagram's photo, Lena Gerke is in wide, white trousers. In a sharp contrast is a small, also a white tip, which covers the chest just insufficient, so it flashes underneath the top. But even if most fans celebrate the warm image,This time, there are many offensive and extremely vulgar comments according to the image of the first winner of the GnTM.

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Lena Hercules in tight bikini allows fans to enjoy jacuzzi

Lena Gerke shares a hot picture on Instagram: fans leave offensive comments

There are many comments about Lena Gerke's Instagram profile, such as "Your Ti *** n is madness! We'll see everything!" Take off your clothes, you're so sexy and hot! "or "I would like to make you more sympathetic if you have not come up as a young boy" which raises the question: Are such photos hot or offensive? It is clear that the majority of Lena Gerke's 2.1 million subscribers of Instagram are already hoping for the next sharp picture of the model and its idol.

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