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Jungle Camp 2019: Evelyn Burdecki Fresh In Love? Published a photo of a kiss

There are new photos of Evelyn Burdeki. But who is the man with whom the queen of the jungle is showing so intimately?

Brisbane – Evelyn Burdeki, 30, is the queen of the jungle. on beautiful blonde made the past all other participants from the jungle camp to the finish line. The camp was always for her unsuccessful relationship with Domenico de Chico. Now came new photography from her – in an intimate hug with another man. He even gives her a kiss on her forehead. Is this her new husband in the picture, a new love?

Jungle Camp: Does Evelyn Burdeeky Have a New Love? Kiss photo appeared

At least Domenico de Chico is not. The former candidate (35) of "Diploma in Paradise" and "Bakeloret" and live real TV participants were formerly as a dream coupleThey won it as one of the three couples in the "Diploma in Paradise" last year. In the summer before the jungle camp, the love between De Chichko and Evelyn Burdeiki was over – and the scandal was scandalous. Domenico probably had one double life out. Although he expected a baby with a woman, he also began to contact Evelyn Burdeki.

Domenico de Chico and Evelyn Burdeki have long been regarded as a couple of dreams.

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In the jungle camp, the mood between the two former partners was – as expected – remote and easy cold, Domenico de Cicco even revealed the secret to his ex-girlfriend Evelyn Burdechki: She is said to have had an affair with a famous football star – while this was in another relationship. Fans celebrated the show this year in particular: On Twitter, enthusiasm has overturned for some time. It is said that the ISES squadron is the best ever.

Evelyn Burdečki: Embrace with another star from the jungle camp

Now there are new photos of Evelyn Burdeki, who showed them in embrace with another famous star from the jungle camp. The man pulls his head to his chest and a newly crowned queen of the jungle happily shines in the cameraAnother picture shows the same man kissing Evelyn Burdeki's forehead. Is your time reusable? (Also read: Motsi Mabuse – Great care for sick babies)

Good news for the masculine world: No, Evelyn Burdeki is still on the road solo. The man in the picture is Thorsten Legat. The 50-year-old himself participated in 2016 in "I'm a Star – Take Me From Here" is a former German footballer and coach, Kicker congratulates the beauty of the Polish roots of the photo of the victory at the camp – he was seen in the jungle camp final as DJ Kasalla.

Evelyn Burbedski: Does he want to go to university after the Jungle Camp?

By the way, according to, Evelyn Burdeki wants to use the prize money for a 100,000 euro crown for construction projects and continue with his education. Allegedly, she wants Buying books and studyingIt would be possible Evelyn Burdeki to find his new dream man at the university. What exactly wants to learn, the winner of the jungle camp, but not yet announced.

Evelyn Burdeki has a jungle camp in 2019

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By the way: Not only Evelyn Burdeki won the final of the Ives season: Even the RTL station was satisfied. all 6.35 million viewers brought the final result, and thus the total market share of 29.4 percent. According to RTL, I saw in the meantime seven million viewers this episode, said However, over the past years, the RTL Jungle camp rating has been significantly reduced. In 2014, the latest round of IBES, however, had about 8.60 million viewers, also in 2016.

"With the heart still in the Jungle Camp": These are the conclusions of the stars

Meanwhile, the stars returned to Germany. Evelyn Burdečki, Queen of the Jungle Camp, is overjoyed with her victory. "For 24 hours I have vibrations in me.

I have one in 24 hours he is suffering"It is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me," she says in her conclusion at Also, Domenico de Cicco says: "You can also go out very little and that was a great experience," says Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star star Peter Orloof (74) will never forget his adventure, saying in an interview: "It really was one great time, I'm still really in the jungle with my heart. "

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